The most popular dog haircuts

Believe it or not, there are as many styles of haircuts for dogs as there are types of breeds. These cuts vary according to the needs and breeds of the furry.

However, there are several cuts that are applicable regardless of the type of race or for several.

Types of haircuts for dogs

Grooming and cutting the coat on a regular basis is important for the well-being of the furry . The haircut for the pet not only has aesthetic functions , they also contribute to the health of the dog, detecting a common condition in the dog's skin in time.

It is true that haircuts for dogs is a necessity, we cannot deny that it is an opportunity to beautify and load pets with style.

Types of dog haircut

There are very famous types of haircuts for dogs that you have surely seen more than once when you walk your furry dog ​​or walk through a park.

If you want to know what these haircuts are called in order to apply the best one for the hairy, here we leave you the name of each of these hairstyles.

the puppy cut

It could be said that this is one of the most famous and requested cuts in dog groomers. However, there is still a lot of confusion about it.

The puppy cut began to be used on poodles after dog shows, which led to it becoming the standard "poodle" cut.

Currently, the puppy cut is applied to almost any breed of dog and turns out to be an attractive style for many, since it is easy to maintain and is effective in keeping the furry clean.

This cut is very common in Yorkshire dogs, and maintenance may be required every 8 weeks. This cut is characterized by leaving the fur fluffy, soft and voluminous like a puppy . The length of the coat is between one and two inches on all sides, it cannot be left too long as the idea is to resemble a baby dog.

In general, special shampoos are applied that help generate volume to achieve the best results in this type of cut.

Teddy bear cut

The teddy bear type cut, better known as Teddy bear , is one of the most requested for breeds with long and curly hair. It is a cut that enchants for leaving a tender look.

Teddy bear cut

There are no specifications on how long your hair should be left, as it can range from half an inch to two inches , depending on preference. The groomer will trim his fur to the desired length, but should leave the hair on his face and legs thick and round, like a teddy bear.

Some people confuse this cut with the Puppy Cut . It is important to know what you want with the dog in order to apply the correct cut.

The teddy bear cut is also a good choice for curly-haired breeds as it requires less maintenance. For this, special products for curly or hard hair are applied, such as texturizing conditioner for dogs .

continental cut

The continental cut for dogs is one of the best known and is one of the iconic cuts of the groomer world . This cut is a classic for poodle breeds and is a favorite at dog shows.

This cut is characterized by a great job in brushing since it requires a perfect finish so that it can really stand out.

The cut is characterized by cutting the hair flush with the cape except for the face , chest, abdomen and the last part of the legs that should form pompoms around the ankles.

Although this cut is typical in poodles, many breeds can have it , as long as the coat is full and thin.

This cut requires technique and has several versions that vary according to the groomer's style and creativity .

This type of cut requires more maintenance and you need to visit the groomer every four to five weeks for the cut to maintain its shape.

princess cut

It is a very showy cut although quite demanding to maintain. This cut is ideal for breeds such as Cocker Spaniels, Collies, and other breeds that enjoy long, straight hair. It is a cut that makes hairy people look very glamorous.

The princess cut consists of leaving the hair to the ground so that it can fall forming a kind of skirt or dress . You can leave this hair fluffier than the rest to look more elegant. Also the ears are left in the same way, combing downwards and leaving the tips quite fluffy.

Pet groomers or stylists love this hairstyle because of its versatility. The coat with a lot of hair facilitates combing.

hygienic cut

The hygienic cut for dogs is due to a cut that is not used for aesthetic reasons, but for a better grooming and health maintenance of the dog's coat.

In this type of cut in dogs, the hairs of certain areas are trimmed for sanitary reasons. This may involve trimming the hair located around the abdomen, genitals, tail, and anus.

They are cuts that are applied to dogs with a large amount of fur and special shampoos for groomers with high washing power are usually applied. When requesting this cut, the groomer must know that he must apply a thorough cleaning and complete inspection of the dog.

Maltese dog haircut - Sanitary cut

It is a routine cut and easy to maintain . However, this cut, more than a coat arrangement, is a matter of professional hygiene maintenance that any furry deserves, even if it is a couple of times a year.

A professional hairdresser is in charge of leaving a molding and a better cut option. It also prevents future problems from forming on the dog's skin and coat .

Many people regularly go to dog groomers or hairdressers to make sure that their dog is cleaned, checked correctly and also to give their dog a different haircut .

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