Repair your pet's battered and damaged hair

Keeping your dog's fur or cat soft, shiny and damage-free can become a feat. Dogs of breeds such as Shih Tzus and Yorkies, who have long hair, or dogs with unique and special mantles, such as water dogs, need special care already part of the care of their hair defines the mood, health and welfare of the dog.

Sometimes, for reasons of time or conditions, keeping the dog's hair healthy can cost a lot of work. Some turn to specialists such as groomers or special pet hairdressers to retrieve the dog or cat's battered hair. However, if you want to repair your pet's hair damage you can follow the next steps

How to know if your dog or cat's hair is battered?

A dog's or cat's battered hair looks very different from people's battered hair. In pets a damaged mantle is noticed by the loss of pigment, increased frizz, open tips and broken peeling. This happens because the cuticle layer loses hydration and essential proteins to maintain the health of the pet's fur.

When this happens you should start making a recovery from the health of the hair.

Remove damaged hair from dog or cat

To start repairing your dog or cat's mantle it is better to get rid of the battered parts, usually are the tips and certain areas that come to become so entangled that you need to remove. Cut those hairs without having to change the natural fall. If you're not an expert on the subject, it's best to go to a specialist to make a good cut.

Repair the fur of the dog or cat

To start recovering the life and health of your pet's hair it is essential to replenish the proteins that the mantle has lost. To do this it is important to check the diet with which we feed our dog or cat and check that it is full of the necessary proteins and nutrients. You may need to include some vitamins and increase nutrients in your diet.

Shampoos with vitamins, such as panthenol, are ideal for repairing the damaged hair of our pets. Pantenol is a molecule of Vitamin B that is used in both cosmetics for people and animals to help repair and nourish the cuticle and stem of the hair. The panthenol allows for longer retention of water for deep hydration in each hair.

Shampoos and conditioners with panthenol


Treatment by type of hair of your pet

The recovery of your pet's damaged hair will also depend on your hair type. There are special care for white-haired pets, for example. Each type of mantle may have different needs according to its characteristics.

Usually, dog or cat hair that has gone through a continuous deterioration ends up losing pigmentation. The color of the hair becomes opaque and loses brightness. This can be noticed even more in dogs or cats with dark fur, such as black or brown.

To recover the color and brightness of your pet's hair you can use special shampoo for its color or texture. If your pet has dark hair, we recommend using a color enhancer to protect the color of UV hair that, due to dark pigmentation are more sensitive to light.

If your dog has a cloak with curls or a hard coat you should know that it is a somewhat more complex mantle and therefore needs different care and products.

Water dogs and other breeds that share similar mantle characteristics, need constant hydration to maintain the natural fall of the curls and to avoid maximum the formation of knots. Special shampoos for this kind of mantle are formulated to constantly nourish and hydrate to keep the shape of the curls or waves.

Texturist shampoo for water dogs and hard mantles


Recover the brightness and texture of your pet's hair

Damaged or damaged hair will not only be able to recover with shampoo. This requires extra help. Conditioners and face masks are the best allies when starting a recovery treatment of a damaged mantle.

Before starting a treatment with your pet, it is recommended to go to a veterinarian and rule out that the loss of shine, color, and hair strength is due to a disease.

Your dog or cat's hair shine can give you some sign of your health. Discover because it's important to keep an eye on your dog's hair shine

The conditioners provide maximum hydration and protection of your pet's hair. We recommend the use of conditioners that do not need clarification as they penetrate for longer the cuticle and the recovery is faster. The biphasic conditioner is one of the best alternatives to start a hair shine recovery treatment.

The treatments with Hydrating masks for pets are the best alternative for dogs or cats with long and smooth hair. These masks are emulsified with water and help to close the cuticle to protect the mantle of damage and dirt.

You should wait a few weeks to see changes and results in your dog or cat's hair. If after three months you think there is no progress, we recommend you go with a specialist to see if the damage is severe and requires some special treatment.

There are unique and special products for groomers and canine hairdressers that are intended to be applied in extreme cases that require the management and knowledge of an animal cosmetic specialist.

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