Perfumes for Pets: Dogs & Cats

The new perfumes for pets have been specially formulated with natural ingredients that do not dry out their skin or hair, they give off unique fragrances.

Natural and Vegan Dog Perfume

What is it and what are pet perfumes for?

They improve our well-being when living with our dogs and it is also a pleasant experience for pets.

They are also effective in neutralizing bad odors and offer a "long-lasting" or long-lasting effect.

We recommend using the perfume daily, it is the simplest and most natural way to improve the smell and efficiently neutralize bad odors .

Smell of my dog ​​or pet

The unpleasant odor that dogs sometimes have does not indicate that they have health problems or that their hygiene is insufficient .

In the vast majority of cases it is because they secrete more fat than normal because they need their fur to be lubricated and their skin protected. We should not destroy this natural protection barrier by washing the pet more than it should, since it can cause an increase in seborrheic.

Instead, we recommend using the new Petuxe perfumes for dogs , they are perfect for taking care of the health of their skin and improving their smell.

Perfume colony for pets brand Petuxe

Perfumes or cologne for pets

New range made up of 9 perfumes differentiated into 3 categories:

  1. Glamorous: sophisticated fragrances.
  2. Wild Spirit: they present the same essences as the Petuxe shampoos.
  3. Soft: alcohol-free perfumes.
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