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Preventive spray 300 ml

Preventive spray 300 ml

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Preventive spray for your pet.

Spray formulated with tea tree oil and quassia vinegar, ideal for preventing and moisturizing the coat.



- Spray preventivo formulado con aceite árbol de té y vinagre de quassia ideal para prevenir e hidratar el manto.

- Todas las fórmulas de nuestros nuestros cosméticos y productos para perros son veganas.

How to use

- Apply in the drying process

- Allow to dry at room temperature


- They prevent your pet thanks to its formulation with tea tree oil and quassia vinegar.

- It is recommended to use the spray after washing the dog's coat with the preventive shampoo and rinse.

- Next, with the wet coat, apply the spray without having to rinse it.

Recommended breeds

A spray that helps prevent skin or fur problems in pets. This type of shampoo can be used by any breed of dog or cat, regardless of its size or coat type.

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