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Stripping Powder 100 g

Stripping Powder 100 g

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Powder designed to perform the stripping technique on wire -haired dogs.

It is recommended to perform the stripping technique with the powder on dirty hair and once the technique is done, wash the hair with the stripping shampoo for pets .



How to use

- Sprinkle on the dog's coat.

- Perform the stripping technique with your hands or a bristle brush.


- It is advisable to carry out the first session when the dog is around 4 months old and should be repeated every 6 or 8 weeks.

- Through stripping, we remove the secondary hair, while maintaining the primary coat, which has health benefits for the skin and coat.

Recommended breeds

Some of the dog breeds suitable or recommended for the stripping technique are:

- Cocker spaniel
- Welsh Corgi
- Bearded Collie
- Airedale Terrier
-Australian Terrier
- Bedlington Terrier
-Border Terrier
- Fox terrier
- Irish Terrier
-Kerry Blue Terrier
-Lakeland Terrier
-Scottish Terrier
-West Highland White Terrier
-Wire Fox Terrier
- Welsh Terrier

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