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Pet moisturizer with all kinds of hair

Pet moisturizer with all kinds of hair

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Mask for dogs and cats , to recover the life and shine of the punished and lifeless coat of your furry with deep hydration .

A moisturizing mask for your pet's hair helps to better comb and maintain the natural fall of its coat .



- The moisturizing mask for all types of pet hair, like all our animal cosmetic products, are developed based on natural ingredients.

- This moisturizing mask uses aloe vera and organic olive leaf extracts as main ingredients to develop the moisturizing base of this cosmetic for pets.

- This product is enhanced with vitamin E for maximum absorption of nutrients for the skin of your furry companion.

- Includes the provitamin panthenol for better cell regeneration of your pet's skin to generate healthier and shinier hair. Panthenol is as beneficial in human cosmetics as it is for animal cosmetics.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- Use the Petuxe Moisturizing Mask, after using and rinsing the Petuxe shampoo indicated according to the type of coat of your pet.

- In a large jar, mix two pulsations of the mask with 500 milliliters of hot water.

- If your pet is a large dog, we recommend you prepare a 1L solution of water and double the pulsations, that is, add 4 pulsations.

- Shake or stir the mixture well until you manage to emulsify the mask.

- Complete the boat with hot or warm water.

- Go slowly covering the entire body of your pet with this mixture, adding gentle massages and avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

- Leave to act for 5 minutes and rinse.
Comb and dry as usual, move on to drying.

- If you want your dog to have a better fall and weight in its coat, you can lighten the surface and leave traces of the mask for a better consistency in the dog's coat.


- Deeply moisturizes the pet's hair, bringing life and shine to the coat.

- Helps brushing smoother and speeds up the drying of the pet's hair.

- Helps close the hair cuticle to prevent dirt from penetrating deep into the skin.

- Offers an exclusive scent that helps relax your pet after bathing.

- It is ideal for dogs or cats with long hair (hard-haired dogs not recommended).

Recommended breeds

It is recommended for use in pets of the breed:

- Afghan Hound
- Shih Tzu
- Cocker spaniel
- poodle
-Border collie
- Maltese
-West Highland
- Persian cat
- Other breeds that have long, soft coats.

In addition, the mask can be used in other breeds of dogs and cats to nourish and protect the pet's coat and skin, helping to hydrate, strengthen and soften the hair, and to reduce the appearance of dandruff or irritation.

It can also help repair damaged fur and improve its overall appearance.

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