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Petüxe Shampoo Soso de Mandarina

Petüxe Shampoo Soso de Mandarina

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The Soso de Mandarina shampoo is a neutral product , which does not contain salt, specially made for the care of the hands of groomers and professional dog groomers. AND

This pet shampoo is ideal for an intensive pre -wash on your pet.



- Soso de Mandarina shampoo, without salt for Petuxe professionals, has been specially developed to reduce irritability in the hands of professionals.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- This is a shampoo for professional use and is applied to canine and feline pets.

- As it is a concentrated product, diluted use is recommended.

- For one part of shampoo, add three parts of warm or hot water.

- Although it can also be applied directly on the pet's body.

- Cover the coat of the pet completely, starting to distribute the products by areas.

- First apply on the legs, continuing on the body and ending on the head.

- It is important to pay special attention to eyes, nose and ears, they are always more delicate areas.

- Activate the product by rubbing vigorously and rinse with slightly lukewarm water or if the season allows it, water at room temperature.


- Special shampoo for use in pet groomers or professionals such as groomers and veterinarians.

- Professional salt-free shampoo for pets
Formula that helps protect the hands of groomers and canine specialists.

- This type of shampoo, due to its washing power, is ideal for a first intense wash of the pet.

- PH stabilized at 7.4

- Shampoo with moisturizing formula.

- Shampoo with an essential perfume that is fixed on the coat and has a long durability.

Recommended breeds

Pet shampoo suitable for all types of animal coat, both for dogs and cats.

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