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Puppy shampoo

Puppy shampoo

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A shampoo for puppies developed especially for the care that the first baths of puppies and kittens deserve.

Shampoo to care for the skin of puppies and small cats .



- Petuxe puppy shampoo, like all our animal cosmetic products, are developed based on natural ingredients.

- This shampoo is formulated with organic aloe vera as a hydration base that helps to care for and soothe the skin.

- Contains glycerin of plant origin to enhance the hydration and softness of the pet's hair.

- This vegan product is enriched with vitamin B-6 and niacinamide, for greater nutrition and strengthening of the coat of the youngest of the herd.

- Contains essential vitamins to protect your pup's skin.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- Apply a small amount of shampoo to the wet coat of the puppy or baby pet.

- Massage until obtaining the desired foam.

- Wait three to five minutes for the product to act on the pet's skin.

- Rinse with plenty of water.


- Special shampoo for puppies and pets that are in the first year of life.

- Shampoo with formula without chemical products, so as not to irritate the eyes in the first baths

- This shampoo is specially designed for young skin and developing coats of our baby pets.

- Shampoo with good washing power

- Shampoo that nourishes in depth for a correct development of the fur.

- Formula with PH stabilized at 7.5

- Designed with a perfume of natural and fresh aroma.

Recommended breeds

Puppy shampoo recommended for all breeds of dogs and cats that are still in their growth stage, since it is a softer and more delicate formula than shampoos for adult pets, which helps protect the skin and coat of puppies , since they are more sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.

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