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Pet shampoo with high bearing power

Pet shampoo with high bearing power

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Special shampoo for groomers designed for pets with greater exposure to the ground or exposed to a lot of pollution and that need a deep wash of the pet's hair.

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- Petuxe's ​​high-power shampoo for professionals, like all our animal cosmetics products, are developed based on natural ingredients.

- This shampoo uses organic aloe vera to formulate its moisturizing base.

- Contains vegetable oligosaccharides to enhance its repairing action and hydrate the animal's hair.

- This vegan product is enriched with vitamin E and B5 to strengthen and restore capillary skin.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- This pet shampoo is for professional use.

- As it is a concentrated product, it is recommended to dilute one part of shampoo to three parts of hot water.

- Although it can also be applied directly to the coat of the pet.

- Completely wet the pet with warm or hot water.

- Apply the shampoo on the body of the pet, starting with the area of ​​the legs, then the body and finally the head.

- Pay special attention to eyes, nose and ears, as they are more delicate areas.

- Rub vigorously to activate the qualities of the product

- Rinse with plenty of lukewarm or lukewarm water until all the product is removed.

- A second step is recommended as a hydration treatment with a product using a special product for the type of coat of the


- Shampoo for professional use with high washing power for pets with dirty and complex coats.

- Professional shampoo for groomers and canine hairdressers who need an efficient shampoo for washing and bathing their pets.

- Neutral formula with pH stabilized at 7.4

- Moisturizing shampoo that helps to revitalize the pet's hair.

- Helps to remove the remains of shedding without difficulty, facilitating the work of combing.

- Helps in the easy removal of molting remains

- Does not remove excess fat.

- Respects skin fat necessary for the protection of the pet.

Recommended breeds

Shampoo for dogs, cats and pets for all types of coat. Developed for cleaning very dirty mantles.

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