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Special Texturizer Conditioner Water Dogs

Special Texturizer Conditioner Water Dogs

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Special conditioner for water dogs : curly hair, dreadlocks or cord .

Product for a better hydration for this type of coat, helps to take care of the natural curl of the pet, characteristic of water dogs .



- Petuxe's ​​special texturizing conditioner for water dogs, like all our animal cosmetics products, are developed based on natural ingredients.

- This vegan product uses grape seed extract that helps to fix the hair strands of the coat thanks to the activation of circulation in the area to promote the growth of strong and healthy hair.

- Conditioner for pets enriched with vitamin E and B5 to strengthen and restore the hair skin uses organic aloe vera to formulate its moisturizing base.

- Its formula contains vegetable biopolymers to control the texture of the curl.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- This conditioner is especially for water dogs or for dogs with very similar coats.
It is a professional product for canine cosmetics.

- Apply once the dog has been bathed and dried with a towel or naturally.

- Apply the texturizing conditioner for water dogs on the semi-damp coat, just before starting the drying process.

- Make soft circular movements on the curls of the dog's coat.

- For better results, combine this product with the special texturizing shampoo for water dogs.


- Special conditioner for water dogs or dogs with curly coats.

- Shampoo with a powerful moisturizing formula for the care of this type of coat.

- Conditioner to improve the texture of the animal's curly coat, giving each curl more shine.

- This conditioner for pets does not need rinsing, so it facilitates combing and drying.

- This product for spaniels helps to fix the curl for longer, avoiding frizz.

- The use of this product is recommended together with the texturizing shampoo for water dogs.

Recommended breeds

Specific texturizing conditioner for water dogs, recommended for breeds of dogs with long and dense hair such as:

- Chesapeake Bay Retriever
- Irish Water Spaniel
- American water dog
-Standard Poodle, among others

The conditioner helps control and shape damp hair and reduce drying time. This type of conditioner helps define the hair and keep it in place, preventing it from tangling and breaking.

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