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Two-Phase Conditioner for All Breeds

Two-Phase Conditioner for All Breeds

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Conditioner for dogs with all types of hair. Suitable for cats and other pets , it is a neutral product with high hydration and shine power for all types of coats.

Ideal conditioner for dogs or pets with long and smooth hair .



- Petuxe's ​​Biphasic Conditioner for all breeds, like all our cosmetics for pets, are developed based on natural ingredients.

- This conditioner uses organic olive leaf extracts as the natural moisturizing base of the pet-friendly product.

- Our formula is enriched with vitamin E to strengthen the pet's scalp, that is, all of its skin, to generate healthier and more beautiful hair.

- Includes the provitamin panthenol, used in natural human cosmetics, which is also effective in animals.

- Helps promote skin cell regeneration thanks to its super moisturizing function.
All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- It is important to shake the product very well before use, to activate the biphasic effect.

- Use a first application before showering your pet and brush to untangle the knots that have formed.

- Rinse and continue your pet's regular bath using your basic Petuxe shampoo.

- Once the bath is finished, with the coat semi-moist, apply a dose of biphasic conditioner.

- Brush and dry as usual.

- Petuxe biphasic conditioner can also be applied during maintenance brushing that does not require a previous shower.

- Avoid contact with eyes and mucosa


- Facilitates the combing and brushing of the pet's hair without the need to rinse after application.

- Speed ​​up the drying of your dog's or cat's coat.

- Helps to obtain maximum hydration and protection of hair shine, thanks to the total absorption of the product.

- Provides silkiness and softness to the touch with a special perfume and a relaxing effect.

Recommended breeds

Recommended for all breeds of dogs and cats, especially those with long or curly fur, as it helps to untangle and soften the hair, making it easier to comb and preventing it from tangling and breaking.

It can also help hydrate and nourish hair, making it softer and more manageable for styling or cutting.

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