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Perfume for pets - Rocky - 100 ml

Perfume for pets - Rocky - 100 ml

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It belongs to the WILD SPIRIT perfume category, whose quality is to have the same essence as the shampoo for white hair.

Colonies for unisex dogs and cats . They neutralize bad odors and offer a "long-lasting" effect.



- Apply on the dry mantle.

- It can be applied daily.

- We recommend using the perfume daily, it is the simplest and most natural way to improve the smell and efficiently neutralize bad odors

How to use

- It is important to shake the product very well before use, to activate the biphasic effect.

- Use a first application before showering your pet and brush to untangle the knots that have formed.

- Rinse and continue your pet's regular bath using your basic Petuxe shampoo.

- Once the bath is finished, with the coat semi-moist, apply a dose of biphasic conditioner.

- Brush and dry as usual.

- Petuxe biphasic conditioner can also be applied during maintenance brushing that does not require a previous shower.

- Avoid contact with eyes and mucosa.


- Perfumes created for the furry ones in the home.

- Give off unique fragrances.

- They improve our well-being when living with our dogs and it is also a pleasant experience for pets.

- They are effective in neutralizing bad odors and offer a "long-lasting" effect.

Recommended breeds

This perfume is an excellent option to keep your dog or cat smelling fresh and pleasant, as it has been specifically formulated to be safe and suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.

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