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Water dog shampoo and conditioner pack

Water dog shampoo and conditioner pack

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This pack contains:

  • Shampoo for water dogs 500 ml : special shampoo for water dogs and those with curly or wavy coats. Its stabilized pH at 7.4 provides hydration to the coat and achieves defined curls .
  • Conditioner for water dogs 300 ml : specific texturizing conditioner for dogs with curly, wavy, dreadlocks or cord hair. Controls the texture of the curl thanks to the grape seed extract, vitamins E and B5 and the biopolymer.
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At Petuxe we manufacture and prepare cosmetics for pets with ingredients of natural, mineral and vegetable origin. Vegan formulations, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

The water dog range mainly has a base of Grape seed oil, Vitamin E and B5.

How to use

- Water dog shampoo: first, once the pet's coat is wet, apply it evenly to the body and wash as usual. Finally rinse with plenty of water.

- Water dog conditioner: Once the animal has been bathed and dried with a towel to remove moisture, apply the conditioner all over the coat and make circular movements to shape the curl.


- Shampoo: product with high washing, moisturizing and revitalizing power. Perfume and lasting essence.
- Conditioner: product with good hydration power, shine, texture and fixation of the curl, which helps in drying.

recommended breeds

Range designed for water dogs and dogs with curly, wavy or dreadlocked coats, which have a dense coat that is difficult to wash. Among them:

- Spanish, Irish, American and Portuguese water dog.
- Bichon frize, Maltese, Bolognese and Havanese.
- Poodle.
- Bobtail.
- Pumi.
- Lagotto Romagnolo.
-Bedlington Terrier.

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