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Stripping Shampoo 500ml

Stripping Shampoo 500ml

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Specific shampoo for stripping , it is a technique that is used mainly in hard-haired dogs, among which we find breeds such as westy, fox terrier or dachshund, as well as mixed-breed dogs.

Stripping removes the old layer of hair to make way for the new layer. A very attractive and beneficial result for your health is achieved.

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- Shampoo formulated with aloe vera and rosehip oil for hard-haired dogs to apply after stripping.

- Aloe vera and rosehip oil will soothe the dog's skin after performing the technique.

How to use

- Wash directly or dilute 1 part of shampoo in 3 parts of warm water.

- Rinse with water.


- Dog hair is divided into two layers, the primary and the secondary, this first layer being the one that acts as a protection barrier for the dog against external agents, while the last one, made up of finer and weaker hair, works as coat.

- Through stripping, we remove the secondary hair, while maintaining the primary coat, which has health benefits for the skin and coat.

Recommended breeds

The stripping technique is a coat maintenance method used for some breeds of dogs with wire hair.

This technique involves scraping or pulling out dead or old hair by hand or with special tools to help stimulate new hair growth and keep the coat looking its best.

Some of the dog breeds that benefit from the stripping technique include:

- Cocker spaniel
- Welsh Corgi
- Bearded Collie
- Airedale Terrier
-Australian Terrier
- Bedlington Terrier
-Border Terrier
- Fox terrier
- Irish Terrier
-Kerry Blue Terrier
-Lakeland Terrier
-Scottish Terrier
-West Highland White Terrier
-Wire Fox Terrier
- Welsh Terrier

However, it is important to note that this technique is not suitable for all breeds of dogs, and it is important to consult with a professional before attempting this technique on your dog.

It is recommended that a professional perform this procedure to avoid damaging the animal's fur or skin.

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