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All kinds of shampoo

All kinds of shampoo

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The shampoo for dogs and cats all breeds .

Basic shampoo par excellence for all types of dogs and cats , whatever their breed or coat, and that manages to keep your furry clean. Ideal for sensitive pet skin.

dilucion recomendada champu


- Petuxe's ​​shampoo for all breeds, like all our pet cosmetics, are developed based on natural ingredients.

- This shampoo uses organic olive oil as a natural moisturizing base.

- It is also enriched with vitamin E to stimulate the absorption of nutrients through the skin that translates into stronger, healthier and shinier hair.

- Panthenol is used, a provitamin used in human cosmetics that helps repair dry skin and is perfectly suitable for use on animals.

- As panthenol is part of vitamin B5 that is absorbed by the skin, it helps to soothe itching, promotes skin regeneration processes and is a powerful moisturizer.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- Apply to your pet's wet hair and rub all over its body, avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

- Massage until you get the desired foam and wait 3 to 5 minutes.

- Rinse with plenty of warm water*.

- You can finish with a conditioner or mask to get more shine in your pet's hair.

*The use of this shampoo for groomers or professionals must verify that the water maintains a PH between 6.8 and 7.5.


- PH stabilized at 7.4 adapted to the specific needs of our pets' skin.

- Shampoo with high washing power to completely remove pet dirt.

- Deeply moisturizes and nourishes pet hair thanks to its olive oil base.

- Bring vitality to the coat of your furry companion by providing vitamin E

- Helps to recover the natural texture of the pet's hair, whatever its breed, due to its moisturizing panthenol formula.

- Softness for better combing and untangling of your dog's or cat's hair and leaving it silky and shiny.

- Shampoo with a relaxing and long-lasting fragrance.

Recommended breeds

This shampoo is ideal for dogs, cats and pets of all breeds, since its formula has been carefully selected to clean and nourish the coat, while remaining soft on the skin.

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