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Petüxe Microparticles Special Shampoo for Groomers

Petüxe Microparticles Special Shampoo for Groomers

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A professional shampoo for dog grooming that offers the best benefits of high-quality vegan cosmetics for dogs, free of silicones and salt.

Helps care for and protect the skin of the hands .



- This product is a step towards a more sustainable and ecological cosmetics.

- In the manufacture of Petuxe Microparticles of shampoo, we reduce the cost of water and waste practically to zero, being a 100% organic product.

- The moisturizing base of this professional and special shampoo for groomers uses aloe vera as the main ingredient.

- It incorporates grape seed oil as an ingredient, which is a natural vitamin E enhancer that helps take care of the pet's and groomer's skin.

- Adds oligosaccharides of plant origin for added energy to accelerate natural regeneration processes.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful with the environment.

How to use

- Moisten the pet's hair until its coat is completely wet.

- It is recommended to dilute 1 scoop of product in a liter of warm water and shake and wait a few minutes to complete the dissolution.

- Although you can also add the same amount of product by spreading directly on the pet's body.

- Apply the shampoo by areas.

- Start by adding product to the legs, then the body and finally the head.

- Pay special attention to eyes, nose and ears, they are more delicate areas.

- Rub vigorously all over the pet's body to activate the shampoo microparticles.

- Finish with a rinse with slightly warm water or if the season allows it at room temperature.

- Once the product is mixed with water, do not store for more than 48 hours as the qualities of the product could be lost.

- We do not recommend its use with a washing machine.


- Innovative 100% high cosmetic product for groomers.

- 100% organic and vegan product, which is developed with high sustainability standards.

- Salt and silicone free shampoo.

- Maintains a PH stabilized at 7.4.

- It has a powerful washing power that helps to easily remove the rest of the dead hair from the animal's coat.

- Shampoo with a moisturizing and vitalizing formula with a natural moisturizing base.

- It brings a unique smell of Petuxe that manages to fix itself on the pet's coat for greater durability of the aroma.

- Special for canine professionals with delicate or sensitive skin who seek to protect their hands during their work.

- Helps control product spending at dog groomers.

Recommended breeds

This shampoo for canine professionals is applicable to any type of coat.

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