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Eco Flash Thor Conditioner for all breeds of dogs and cats

Eco Flash Thor Conditioner for all breeds of dogs and cats

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Biphasic conditioner for all breeds of dogs and cats with long, short or curly hair .

Biphasic eco flash conditioner that adds shine to your pet's hair. Eliminates frizz and helps with daily brushing without breaking your hair. Illuminates and provides a silky touch to the most damaged coats. Eliminates tangles immediately.



- Toxin free and completely vegan.

- All our formulas are of plant origin, we do not experiment on animals and are friendly to the environment.

- Thanks to its formula enriched with vitamin B5, a molecule that provides exceptional shine to the hair coat.

How to use

- It can be used both before and after showering your pet.

- It is important to shake the product very well before use, to activate the biphasic effect.

- Apply the flash conditioner at a minimum distance of 30 cm.

- Brush the coat eliminating tangles, without needing to rinse the product.

- If you have done it after bathing your pet, dry the coat to check all the benefits of the flash conditioner on its coat.


- Biphasic conditioner for all breeds with long, short, or curly hair.

- This conditioner eliminates tangles and frizz, making daily brushing easier without damaging the hair.

- Eco flash Thor conditioner for pets, ideal for achieving a soft and radiant coat, without aerosol or oil, while taking care of both your animals and the natural environment.

- This pet conditioner does not require rinsing, making grooming and drying easier.

-This Thor eco flash conditioner has the same scent as the Thor perfume.

recommended breeds

Recommended for all breeds, regardless of whether their coat is long, short or curly. Helps detangle and soften hair, making it easier to comb and prevents tangling and breakage.

It can also help hydrate and nourish hair, making it softer and more manageable for styling or cutting.

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