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Eco Flash Dama Conditioner for all breeds of dogs and cats

Eco Flash Dama Conditioner for all breeds of dogs and cats

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Biphasic conditioner for all coat types and breeds of dogs and cats.

Biphasic eco flash conditioner that enhances the natural shine of the coat, enhancing the inherent beauty of your pet. Effectively eliminates frizz, facilitating daily brushing without causing damage to the coat. Provides exceptional softness, even on the most worn coats, improving texture and touch. Eliminates tangles instantly, simplifying the grooming and brushing process.



- It is toxic free and vegan.

- All our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and respectful of the environment.

- Thanks to its formula that contains vitamin B5, a molecule that provides extreme shine to the hair cuticle.

How to use

- This flash conditioner is versatile and can be used before or after giving your pet a bath.

- Make sure to shake the product vigorously before using it to activate its biphasic effect.

- Apply the flash conditioner, maintaining a minimum distance of 30 cm.

- Then, brush the coat to remove tangles, without the need to rinse the product.

- If you chose to apply it after your pet's bath, dry the fur to experience all the benefits this flash conditioner has to offer.


- Biphasic conditioner for all coat types and breeds.

- Flash conditioner enriched with vitamin B5, for a highlighted natural shine.

- This conditioner makes daily brushing easier without damaging your hair, so you can say goodbye to tangles and frizz.

- This conditioner does not need to be rinsed, making it easier to comb and dry for easy care.
Biphasic conditioner for all breeds with long, short, or curly hair.

- This Dama flash conditioner has the same scent as the Dama perfume.

recommended breeds

This product is recommended for all breeds, with a special focus on those with long or curly coats. This conditioner detangles and softens hair, simplifying the styling process and preventing tangles and breakage.

In addition to its detangling function, this product also provides hydration and nutrition to the coat, improving its softness and manageability, whether for combing or cutting.

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