scabies in dogs

Mange in dogs is a skin condition in dogs caused by various reasons that can have serious consequences if not treated properly.

As for contagion between you and your pet, don't worry. Demodectic scabies, which occurs in dogs, is not contagious to humans since the mites that produce it are typical of dogs, they live with them.
Dog with scabies on the skin

What is demodectic mange?

Mange in dogs is a skin disease caused by mite infections .

  • Mite that causes Scabies in Dogs Mites are microscopic animals that take advantage of their small size to inhabit the skin of animals, causing itching, discomfort and infections.

These discomforts lead the dog to scratch, rub and create their own wounds , which will eventually become infected.

Causes of Scabies

There are several causes that can cause scabies in dogs :

    1. The main cause of mange infection is contact with any other dog with mange or any mite-infested object.
    2. Another cause of contagion may be that the dog is weak or has low defenses and the skin mites themselves take the opportunity to spread uncontrollably through their body.
    3. Poor nutrition , as it will cause the dog to drop defenses and weakness.
    4. Last but not least, the lack of hygiene in our pet or unhealthy situations for pets can also be one of the causes of contracting scabies.

Therefore, early detection of symptoms is important to avoid infecting more animals or a greater infection.


The first symptoms that can alert us to this disease is seeing our dog scratch or rub on anything.

  1. The main symptom is itching.
  2. You can find the dog in a low mood or down, due to having an infection.
  3. When the disease is advanced we can see symptoms such as bald spots in the dog's hair or skin wounds.
  4. Even the bad smell is a warning sign.

That is, if we find red spots, hives, symptoms of itching or discomfort on our pet, it is necessary to go to the vet as soon as possible to prevent the disease from developing.


First of all, the dog must be kept in an optimal state of hygiene so that the mites do not spread more than they should , and also be able to see the reality of its skin without dirt that masks the disease.

To do this, use quality cosmetics without toxic ingredients that can further damage your skin:


A good diet is also essential for our dog to be in good physical shape and healthy to be able to face the disease.

Take care of their diet as you do yours.

Once the disease is persistent, treatments are injected or applied to the skin to kill the mites. Therefore, go to a veterinarian as soon as you see any of the symptoms mentioned above and you think that your dog may have mange .

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