Why is the luster of a dog's hair important


The overall condition of our dog's skin and fur is an indicator of good health. A healthy cloak should look bright and feel soft, and the dog's skin should be soft and clear.

Fragile or rough hair may be a sign that our hairy hair is not 100%.

Although dog hair care and grooming will affect the brightness and strength of the cloak, other factors will also affect the normal and healthy growth of dog fur.

Most dogs' skin is covered with hair. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Skin constantly renews your cells, balances our dog's whole health system, makes your hair healthy and naturally protects your partner.

We all want our pets to look like the most beautiful cloak on the block, but sometimes it's not just about aesthetics. If you want your dog to have shiny hair, make sure it has a healthy lifestyle.

Why does my dog's hair lose luster?

If your dog's fur loses its luster, you must find out what causes the opacity of the dog's cloak before you begin to restore the required vitality.

One of the biggest causes of hair loss is your dog's legs. Frequent scratching can cause pain in the dog's cloak and eventually strip the thin layer of thread that protects the hair. Constant itching is a sign of parasites such as lice or fleas. These invaders are the greatest enemies of our companions' hair and health.

If dogs or cats lack the basic nutrients that provide the vitamins and minerals needed for their health, their fur may also lose luster. Some important nutrients that pets lack are vitamins C, a and B. If your dog's food does not include these vitamins, this is probably the reason why it is opaque.

One of the most common reasonsThe reason why animal hair loses luster is the shampoo we use. Many of the products we bathe our pets do not help us rejuvenate, but kill the natural luster of the cloak.

What kind of shampoo you use to wash your dog's hair is an important factor, because it is a product directly applied to the cloak. If our products applied to our friends are not suitable for containing aggressive ingredients, the luster of the cloak will be destroyed.

Importantly, the shampoo and conditioner we use on dogs are special to their hair type. They contain ingredients that help naturally moisturize hair to maintain luster. Verify that the product you are using is Shampoo containing natural vitamins and oil Like olive oil or grape seeds, it helps to keep the hair shiny all the time.

Frequent bathing can also reduce the brightness of your dog's hair. If you bathe your dog in a short time (2 weeks), it will lead to the loss of natural fat in your skin and hair, making your hair weaker and more vulnerable to sunlight and pollution.

Knotting or excessive knotting may be another problem that causes the dog's fur to be opaque. If you spend a lot of time not combing your dog's hair, then you must untie the big knot. Remember, the knot will leave a worn hair, which is difficult to recover if it is not handled properly.

If your furry dog has some skin problems, such as dandruff and eczema, your dog's health coat will lose luster. Your skin will itch all the time, which will make your dog lick and scratch, resulting in an opaque, very weak hair that is easy to fall off.

However, you should know that restoring luster to your dog's hair is something you can do effortlessly, and you can see short-term results.

If you want your dog's hair to shine, come in and have a look Steps to revitalize the cloak Your hair is furry.


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