Why does my dog ​​smell bad?

Does your dog smell bad? Have you asked yourself more than once why it could be? . In that case, this article interests you.

First of all, dogs smell like dogs and that is normal . If the smell is stronger and more frequent than usual, it is when you have to consider acting, since bathing it will not be enough .

Why does my dog ​​smell bad?

Reasons for my dog's bad smell

Within the normal dog smell, there may be several reasons why your furry smells bad and is evidence to act on:


Food, as in humans, affects the body state of animals. In this way, what they ingest can affect their body fluids and produce bad odors through the pads, saliva and urine. If you think that this may be the reason for your pet's bad smell, ask your vet for a change of diet.

Illnesses or allergies

Allergies in dogs can cause itchy skin and scratching creates infections and causes a bad smell . In addition, the bad smell can be a symptom of some disease or abnormal condition of the animal:

  • Otitis
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • oral diseases
  • ...

See your vet if you notice any of these symptoms.

Lack of hygiene

Both excess hygiene and scarcity are detrimental to our pet .

What we are clear about is that you have to have a routine for them using specific shampoos for dogs and with the right frequency.

How to solve it?

Taking into account the previous points, we can highlight a series of routines to carry out with our furry and take care of their health, hygiene and body odor:

  • Look for a natural and suitable diet for him.
  • Follow a hygiene routine with cosmetic products for pets .
  • Regularly brush your pet to remove dead hair and dirt.
  • Check his ears, mouth, skin, and pads regularly.

Why does my dog ​​smell and another doesn't?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are dogs or breeds that smell more than others and this may be due to their size, type of hair or breeds.

Dog breeds with the most odor

The type of hair is one of the causes that determines the smell of each dog. Dogs with hard or curly hair, by not changing the hair continuously, makes the smell less , yes, having a good maintenance of the coat.

  • schnauzer
  • Poodle

Dogs with a flat snout can generate a bad odor due to the way they breathe or eat, they swallow more air than usual, which generates gas and flatulence.

  • bulldog
  • shar pei

Lastly, small breeds have a greater tendency to accumulate tartar and bad breath from 3-5 years of age. For this, adequate oral hygiene must be maintained using specific pastes for them.

  • Yorkshire
  • Chihuahua
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