Keep my dog's hair white

To keep your white dog clean, shiny and radiant requires special care and maintenance.

White-haired dogs attract attention for their elegance, care and cleanliness. But, in turn, you can highlight dirt with the slightest carelessness.

keep white dog from my dog

Keep reading if you are interested in knowing some tips and tricks to maintain or bleach your dog's white hair :

How to keep my dog's hair white?

It is up to us how much care we exercise over our dog to keep the white of its hair on point .

Not because you have white hair, you should wash it more often.

Washing should be as usual, that is, once a month. If we wash our dog excessively, we cause problems in its skin , since it is more sensitive.

  • Daily brushing: This step is essential to maintain the white of our pet. By brushing daily we manage to remove dirt and residues that, in the long run, can lead to permanent stains. Use a brush with the right bristles for your dog's hair: thick bristles for short hair and smooth, soft bristles for long hair.
  • Specific shampoo for white hair: Using a specific shampoo for white hair will provide, apart from cleaning, the necessary assets to keep the hair radiant white. These shampoos often contain blue or violet pigments to bring out the white .
  • Tear ducts, beards and rusty areas: White-haired dogs oxidize these areas more easily, therefore, it is necessary that you maintain daily cleaning with wipes, special products and being constant with cleaning.

Special cares

The white hair of a dog or cat is very special , which is why it requires care to always maintain that characteristic purity of our furry's snowy hair.

  • Hair growth: If a lot of hair accumulates around the eyes, it will make it difficult for tears to drain and, therefore, cause stains in that area .
  • Diet / Allergies: In some cases, the dog or cat can show through patches of white fur that it has an allergic reaction to some food or product.
    • If some products contain color additives , this can change the appearance of the hair.
  • Water: The water with which you bathe your dog can cause spots on the white fur. Some dogs show a reaction to water containing fluoride and chloride additives , causing staining of the coat.

If you want to know more about how to take care of your pet's hair, read our article on this .

Best white coat dog shampoo

At Petuxe we have the shampoo for white hair specially developed for the coats of white dogs and cats .

best shampoo for white-haired dogs

This shampoo is developed with blue pigments to tone down the yellowish tones that appear in the white hair of pets over time.

In addition, it provides softness and shine , leaving a delicate aroma that lingers after drying.

Some breeds for which it is recommended are:

  • maltese bichon
  • Swiss White Shepherd
  • samoyed
  • West Highland White Terrier
  • bull terrier
  • Argentine Dogo

And for all pets with white fur or tricolor breeds that want to enhance their light colors.

How to use

  1. Dilute a little shampoo with warm water to dissolve the blue pigments that whiten your pet's coat.
  2. Once diluted, apply to wet hair and massage until the desired foam is obtained.
  3. Let the product act between three to five minutes.
  4. Rinse with plenty of water until all the product is removed.
For long white hair, we recommend the use of a biphasic conditioner for better combing, whitening and maintaining your pet's white coat for longer.
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