Special care of water dogs


Water dogs are very famous as great protectors and partners. They are the best friends of firefighters and the coast guard. As his name reveals, they are a person who loves water, which makes him an excellent swimmer.

In addition to their good qualities, water dogs are the favorite of many people because of their curly and fluffy hair. Water dogs' cloaks are used to resist water, so water won't stain their hair. However, this fur needs special care to keep it healthy and spectacular.

Characteristics of dog hair water

Water dogs are characterized by a medium-sized wavy hair that can form natural curls or lace, or with the help of humans. existence multifarious Water dog breedAlthough their hair may be very similar, they have some differences that need to be considered.

Some breeds of water dogs, especially those with the toughest hair, usually don't lose their hair because the fallen hair begins to become part of their shoelaces or rings.


Water dog cloaks usually do not cause allergies like other dogs, but some breeds may cause allergies. The Spanish water dog is the only water dog with hypoallergenic hair.

Water dogs can adapt to any weather, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, so they can live in dry and humid climate and get special protection.

Water dogs can be white, black, brown and a combination of these tones.

Water dog toilet

Water dogs are usually a breed with little hair. If these furry friends live at home and they haven't had a busy season, they can take a bath once a month. However, special attention should be paid to bathing.

If you have a water dog, you will know that it has beautiful hair to take care of. Because this cloak exists Special products This helps to maintain and protect the dog's hair texture from water.

Spanish water dogs can take a bath, but it's not good to take a bath often. If you bathe your dog, use a neutral dog shampoo and let it dry in the sun and natural air: don't use a towel or hair dryer.


In order to bathe the dog, you must use cold or warm water instead of hot water.

Like other pets, part of a water dog's bath is to make sure it doesn't have itching parasites or skin reactions, because it can scratch the dog and form knots and tangles in its hair.

Brush off

The water dog's cloak doesn't actually need to be brushed unless it's tangled and we need to do some special work. The fur of a water dog should hang naturally.

Before bathing the dog, you must check the hair and untie the knot.

It is recommended to check once a week and spend 30 minutes checking the water dog's cloak. Not only does this help keep your hairy hair from knotting, it also allows the dog's skin to breathe better and avoid pain by forming knots near the skin.

Check the formed knot in the mantle and be careful to see that its shape is untied. Just take this area and do it by hand. You can spray some water in this area.. If it's complicated, use a special comb to pull out the tangled thread. If you can't, you'd better go to a professional beautician or dog beauty salon.

After taking a bath, you can use Water dog conditionerIt can be dried and combed better. In addition, it will be the best time to re form curls or lace that has been damaged.

Cut water dog

Although this is a cloak that needs to be careful, it is enough to cut it once a year. Many people use haircutting to start "new clothes". However, this is only recommended when the dog has done a lot of activities and the hair really needs it.

If you want to cut water dogs, you'd better cut them in May or October, because this is also the recommended growth period, just like cutting sheep.

The ideal way is to cut our hair to the size we can keep, without leaving our furry man without his beautiful cloak. The length of hair can be between 2 cm and 15 cm. It is important to remember that water dogs have long fur and are easy to get entangled. They need more attention.

Many people, especially when water dogs have a very free lifestyle and a lot of walking and swimming activities, they will turn to a smart court. It includes cutting off the hair on your face, removing the hair on and under your legs, and the remaining commands are not cut off.

This hairstyle is not only to take care of the water dog's hair, but also to help swim and prevent irritating insects and plants from being trapped in its body. The remaining hair will continue to cover it and protect it from the cold and wind.

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After taking a bath, take out the water with a towel and gently touch your body. You can let him slip away naturally. It is recommended to use a product that does not need washing, such as mask or special conditioner, to help moisturize hair.

If it is summer or living in a warm place, let it stay in the sun for a while, so that it will dry naturally. If not, you can use a minimum power blower or cold air. Don't use any brush, and don't shake the cloak too much when drying, which will destroy the curly shape.

Water dog's hair trick

Water dogs like to go out to sea. Even if you don't believe it, it's also very helpful to moisturize their fur.

After taking a bath, you can let your hair dry naturally. Once it's dry, try running with it to remove the sand. Leave it for a few days, then take a bath with a special product, and you'll see how good your curly hair looks.

Don't forget to trim the water dog's nails regularly. This also helps to reduce the formation of your fur knots.

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