Pet Hygiene Tips

Pets, whether they are cats or dogs, need to have a hygiene routine to maintain a healthy life . Also, if they are company we must take more responsibility for the health and hygiene of pets that live in the home with us .

Pet hygiene at home

Below we will tell you a series of tips or measures to maintain the hygiene of your pets .

bath my pet

Bathing or showering our dogs is of vital importance and is the main hygiene measure.

Your pet may like it more or less , and it is a complicated task, but in any case it is essential to provide adequate hygiene.

It is essential to choose a suitable shampoo for your pet's hair , taking into account its characteristics and the ingredients with which it is formulated.

At Petuxe you can find a specific shampoo for each type of hair .


Other hygiene and cleaning habits

  • Ears: it is essential not to forget the ears of our pets, since their hygiene will be essential for their health. Dirt accumulates in the ears and this can lead to an infection . You can help yourself with a gauze to drag the dirt out.

  • Brushing: brushing is a fundamental part of dog hygiene since dirt and dead hair accumulates that we must remove so that it stays clean and beautiful.

  • Eyes: keep an eye on your furry's eyes daily so that rheum does not accumulate which, over time, can cause infections such as conjunctivitis. Cleaning dogs and cats
  • Teeth: do not forget about your pet's dental hygiene, bad breath can be an indication of infection . You can avoid this by providing them with specific snacks or toothbrushes.

Diseases related to bad hygiene habits

Fungi, scabies and ticks are the main causes of poor hygiene in your pets:

  • Fungus is the most common cause of pets suffering from skin problems. This can lead to infections or more contagious diseases such as ringworm. Scabies, if not fought in time, can bring major complications. Regularly check your pet's skin to prevent redness, wounds or unusual symptoms from forming on it.

  • Fleas or ticks are one of the biggest enemies of our furry ones. These can lead to serious diseases due to parasites in the blood, which deteriorate the health of our animals and can cause death. The most common cause is the lack of hygiene and cleanliness of our pet, so do not forget to check the hair often to avoid diseases.
That is, following the previous recommendations you will be contributing a good hygiene routine to your pet and a healthier life.
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