Can I put perfume on my dog ​​or pet?

If you have pets, have you ever asked yourself this question, can I perfume my dog?

Just as we, as humans, like to smell good, we want our furry ones to do the same .

It is good to put cologne on my dog ​​or pet

Is it bad, does it hurt them?

We always want our pets to be impeccable and for this we must maintain good hygiene and health for them , using quality products.

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and, for this reason, they are affected both negatively and positively by the smells that surround them.

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and are greatly affected by the smells around them.

If we apply strong odors or in large quantities, our furry ones can feel overwhelmed or stressed .

To apply perfumes on your pet, you have to take into account that these are specific for them , and not those for humans, since they have different components that can affect their pH and the characteristics of their skin and hair.

How to make homemade perfume for dogs?

This is another of the questions we ask ourselves if we want our pet to smell good. And for this, as we have mentioned before, we must maintain good hygiene and quality food so that the natural smell of our furry ones is pleasant.

In no case do we advise making homemade perfumes for them , since we do not have the necessary knowledge or the specific components for their needs.

We do NOT recommend making homemade perfumes for dogs or pets.

In the case of wanting to perfume them, use specific cosmetics for them, free of toxic components.

best perfume for dogs

The best perfumes for pets are those that take into account the characteristics and needs of animals .

The new Petuxe perfumes for dogs have been formulated:

  1. Thinking especially about the skin of pets and their characteristics.
  2. With natural ingredients that do not dry out your skin or hair.
  3. Using unique fragrances.

Our range of colognes for dogs is made up of nine premium perfumes: toxic free, vegan and created under a formulation with ingredients of natural origin .

Perfuming benefits

  1. They improve our well-being when living with our dogs and it is also a pleasant experience for pets, without damaging their skin.
  2. They are also effective in neutralizing bad odors and offer a "long-lasting" effect.

We recommend combining the use of perfumes for dogs or pets with good hygiene.

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