How often should you bathe your pet

When we are new heads or parents of dogs, we don't know how to identify each one How long should our dog take a bath.

In fact, the frequency depends on several factors.

When we bathe the dog

Los Angeles Pets need to bathe at different frequencies According to:

  • race
  • Hair type
  • Dog lifestyle

Bathe the dog according to the type of hair

that Mantle type Keeping a dog is an important consideration Determine when the dog should be washed.

Short hair

If the dog has Short hair requires less frequency, but it's not that simple.
some Varieties with short hair, such as xoloitzcuntle, need to bathe more frequently They are larger dogs, such as hounds. In some competitions, the toilet may be once a week.

Long hair

Admittedly, the more hair your dog has, the longer it takes to bathe. You also need more bath time because it is more vulnerable to dirt.
favorite Dogs with medium to large blankets need to take a bath every four or six weeks, as long as the cloak remains clean and controlled.
It's important to know Your dog can't take a bath for more than six weeks.
Some varieties of hair are long and complex, such as Notorious dogs don't need to be so frequentYeah. These breeds, such as Puli, do not produce typical dog flavor and have different care.

According to your race

If you Dogs have thick fur or double fur-Yes. Labradors, Siberian hounds, you must pay attention to their molting season. Excessive bathing of a double decker dog can disrupt the natural process of hair change Stir the oil that produces the cuticle.

It is also important to avoid this Pay attention to the products we use When we bathe the furry children.

A special hair product They help keep the cloak natural.

One of the first things we should do before planning to bathe our pets is to know Choose shampoo for your dog. This is very important, especially if our furry skin is allergic or has sensitive skin.

Bathing your dog is not just for the health of your petBut it also applies to others living with pets.

Some dogs may cause allergies to people because of the typical dandruff in dogs. This can be controlled by taking a quick bath every week and taking a deep bath every four weeks. In the last bathroom, you can use all the products. Bathing every week is just to remove and control dandruff.


Dog lifestyle

Active lifestyle

If you and your dog have a very active lifestyle, the safest thing is that regardless of your hair type, you need to bathe more frequently.
If your dog is short haired, we recommend that you use a wet towel to clean up the dirt it collects during walking and adventure. This way you can keep your dog clean without adding toilets.

Live outside

Dogs living outdoors or with more access may need more bathrooms than dogs living in apartments or indoors. Whatever your furry breed is, If your dog has a lot of contact with nature, it is recommended to bathe him every week Take a deep bath every six weeks.
Of course, dogs that play in the ocean, hunt in muddy waters or herd sheep all day may eventually need more baths than those who spend most of their time indoors, regardless of breed.


Keep your pet clean

It's important to bathe your dog oftenBut keeping clean is really effective. Your furry feeling is good.

Once you bathe your dog, it is important to continue to take care of and maintain it. To this end, we recommend:

  1. Brush your dog's teeth every week to remove dirt and dead skin.
  2. Check and control fleas, ticks and other parasites.
  3. Trim your nails and clean your ears at least every four or six weeks.
  4. If your dog has long hair, trim off the dirt collecting hair such as ears, legs and tail.
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