Cut your hair to your dog. Ring or not? All you need to know

The Pets, both dogs and cats, They fill us with love and hairs!. We learn to live with the small piles of pellets that are formed on the floor of our home, our sofas, our clothes and each unimaginable space of your home. For many this can be stressful and decide Cut your dog's hair or cat.

How to cut the dog to my dog?

Many times He cuts his hair for wanting to help the dog cool off or to control the fall of hairs thinking that it can be an intelligent solution, but is not.

Many dog ​​breeds should not be shaved at all.

Because I do not shave or cut your hair to your dog

Cut your hair or shave your pet can have the opposite effect of what is desired and You can make your dog even more hot and affect your nervous system capillary.

Dogs with double hair layer

Most dogs have double layer of hairs.

  1. The inner hair layerIt is the one that is closer to the skin and serves as an insulating layer, which helps them stay warm in cold and fresh climates in warm climates. In heat seasons, dogs tend to lose a lot of the hairs of the lower layer, which helps refresh the dog because the air can better enter the mantle and regulate the body's body temperature.
  2. The outer layer It has a hair usually thicker that helps protect it from burns, infections and contagion.

Cut your hair to the dog to reduce the moult of hair or to keep the dog cool will affect the normal and natural growth of the mantle. When a pet is completely shaved, the hair of the inner layer will grow faster and in some cases, you can move the hairs that serve as protection.

One-way dogs

The Race dogs such as Green, Boxers, Dalmatians, Caniches, Maltese and Sounds, They have a single layer of hair.

These pets have very short or long hair, and it can be rough, smooth or wavy.

These dogs, not having a hair layer that helps isolate the heat, They can reduce the amount of hair by cutting a little of their coat. However, it should never be found completely. It is better to leave at least a few centimeters of hair to protect them from solar burns, insect bites, etc.

How to cut your dog's hair?

If you worry a lot that your dog is having a bad season of heat, Remember first that dogs refresh differently from us humans: 

  • Dogs regulate their temperature mainly through panting and their sweat glands that are located on the pillows of their legs, where there are no hairs, and they are activated when the dog is very hot.
  • Also, through vasodilation

Instead of cutting your dog at home, You can do the following to keep it comfortable with your fur when it is hot:

  1. Brush the fool of your pet regularly To eliminate dead hair, avoid knots, and thus allow a better air circulation in your fur.
  2. In times of a lot of heat, give your dog a cold bath regularly To keep it clean and pest free.
  3. Since the dog's body temperature is regulated on its legs, it is advisable keep cut the hairs of this area.
  4. In some cases and types of mantles it is possible Keep the hair short of all the legs and part of the stomach. We advise you to go to a professional hairdresser or Groomer to do this job with your hairy.
  5. USE. Shampoos for dogs with proteins They help give strength to hairs and avoid unnecessary hairs falls.

If you dog you think you loose more hair from which you should, you may need an evaluation of a specialist.

Cases in which it is possible to shave your dog

In some cases it is possible that to shave your dog be necessary.

Cut my hair to my dog ​​with machine

When it is decided to shave a dog, Most of the time they are due to health reasons:

  • The dog needs surgery and part of fur must be removed.
  • The dog's mantle is in total deterioration and poor condition.
  • The dog is contaminated by a parasite and you have to eliminate the root problem.
  • The dog has some skin disease.

Remember that Muda is the natural way a dog has to adapt to the seasons of the year, and that part of living with a hairy companion is to accept part of its nature.

We know that it is not so fun, but if you manage to keep a brushing routine you will see that it is much easier than you think without putting the health of your dog at risk when cutting your hair.

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