How to recover the brightness of my dog's hair


The brightness of your dog's hair is not only a matter of care, but also of health. Through the hair of an animal you can see a reflection of a healthy living being. The hair brightness of a dog or cat can also work as a health indicator.

The care of a dog's hair depends a lot on the characteristics of the mantle. A thin hair does not have the same care that a thick hair, just like a white hair is not like a black hair. However, there are some tricks that we can apply in our dogs, whatever your hair, to recover and maintain hair health.

Do not forget to brush regularly

The brushing of your dog's hair is essential to eliminate dead cells and rest of fallen hairs on the fur. Independent If your dog has long or short hair, you must dedicate a couple of days a week to comb your hair and give it more breath to your skin and mantle.

If you have a puppy dog ​​you should comb regularly to help a better growth and development of your mantle. By brushing the puppy, blood circulation is promoted and facilitates the flow of oxygen on your skin, which helps improve your entire capillary system.

Before brushing your pet, make sure you have the ideal brush for your hair type. This will not only take care of your dog's mantle, but will also help you make brushing task easier.

Choose the right shampoo

When we want to recover the hair brightness of our dogs, rather than paying attention to a regular bath, we must look at the products we choose to bathe it.

It is important to apply the right shampoo that is specifically designed for the fur of our dog. We should know How to choose the shampoo for our dog, This depends on several factors.

However, we know that extra hydration will help our canine colleague quickly recover the brightness of your mantle. You can use some kind of face mask or conditioner.

In dark hair dogs, like black or brown, the loss of brightness can be felt. There are special formulas of Shampoo to strengthen the color of this type of mantles

Preferably, you can choose a shampoo for dogs that include vitamins such as vitamin B5 and vitamin C.

A suitable bathroom

The bathroom of our dog should always be with warm or fresh water, since the water can activate remains of shampoo that can irritate the skin. Above all those products that are not high cosmetics specialized for pets.

To protect the natural fat from our partner's hair, it is not necessary to bathe them too often. Excessle washing the dog's mantle can interrupt the natural oil production of the skin that helps protect it and stay healthy

As a general rule, it is recommended to bathe the dog once a month. In case you smell bad or dirty you can make an exception.

Maintain a healthy diet rich in fat

Food is the basis of health, and that is also reflected in the hair of our hairy. One of the most effective and fast ways to return the brightness to the fur of our dog is to include in your diet foods that help you nourish your mantle.

Sometimes the loss of brightness can come from the lack of nutrients needed to give strength and vitality to the dog's hair. Verify that your dog's food is rich in protein and fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and 6. You can offer your hairy some food based on fish such as salmon. You could also include 100% natural, unprocessed food, to contribute what

Avoid low-fat and high diets in carbohydrates, since both can contribute to an opaque fur, without brightness and even full of dandruff.

Consultation with experts

If you have tried several ways to recover the brightness of your dog's hair, and still it does not work, it will be best to go with a specialist.

You can go to a veterinarian to check that everything is in order with your health. If you discard some serious condition, you can visit a specialized hairdresser or Groomer to make a review of your hairy and corroborate the state of the mantle.

Experts can help you make decisions to improve the brightness and quality of your dog's hair. Even, in some cases, you can consider sharing the total hair of the dog, to start again "from scratch".

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