How to take care of your pet's long hair of your pet

If you are here, it is because you have a long and smooth hair mascot and you are not taking control of the situation. A dog or smooth-haired cat usually highlights between the crowd, as it is one of the most admired mantles by all, as long as it is well taken care of.

Taking care of the dog's long hair may require a little more dedication, but this does not mean it is difficult or that takes us too much time to keep it.

If you have an Afghan Greyhound, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Terrier or Angora Cat, just to name a few, you may be needing a hand to keep your pet's long hair and make it always if you follow the following tips, you will see how easy you can Be take care of your pet's smooth hair and make it look fabulous.


The right hair brushing of your pet

The brushing of the dog and cat is the main key to keep care of the mascot's mantle, whatever its fur. Brush your hairy hair regularly, in addition to removing dead hair, helps stimulate the healthy growth of the new hair.

This type of hair is usually entangled easily, so you have to detect the formation of knots when they are small to prevent the tangle from getting worse. It is worth dedicating a few minutes at a certain time to save a mistreated mantle.

You must also consider having one or more brushes to help you do the work better. It is recommended to use a brush to remove dead hair, comb and brush, and another to untangle. Small metal combs are ideal for combing in the face, ears and small knots that have been formed.

Brushing a hair should always be done in the direction of hair growth. If the hair of the pet is plentiful, it is recommended to open in layers to remove well the dead hair that hides all the mantle and eliminate the small knots that are formed between the fur of the dog or cat.

If your pet has a long, the most ideal thing is to brush every day. If you take a few minutes a day to brush your dog or cat with long mane, you will keep the hair unraveled and will always look great.


Shampoo and other perfect products for your hairy

A smooth and long hair needs the best care. The products we use to bathe or cleanse our pet must be chosen thinking about your dog or cat.

The smooth mantle is formed of a very thin hair that tends to burn and mistreat themselves easily. The best way to avoid it is using products that contribute more hydration to dog hair or cat.

Make sure you use a Moisturizing shampoo. That he gives strength to the fur and also contributes to an easy hairstyle of your partner's hair.

It is recommended not to brush or dry the long hair of a dog or cat without using an unruly. Being a slim hair can easily break if we must unravel during the hairstyle. Therefore, it includes an extra moisturizer, as a conditioner or mask as part of the maintenance or recovery of the mantle.


Knowing our pet is super important to perform a complete cleaning and good care on the skin and hair of our four-legged colleague.

The dog's bath should be from top to bottom, letting water flow down its side, in this way dead hair and dirt can fall better.

Apply El Correct shampoo for the fur of your dog or cat by zones and make sure everything is covered and a good wash has been made. Sometimes, your pet may need up to two washes. Remove the product rinse with enough water.

Between trips to the hairdresser, it is important to bathe regularly. Dirt and debris can overload the fur of your dog and create tangles. A shampoo for high quality dogs without soap will leave the fur of your dog clean at all times.

Remove the excess water with a dry towel, covering your pet and squeezing slightly so that they absorb all the water. Preferably using a microfiber towel for delicate hair as smooth hair.

Suitable drying after bath


Once your dog or cat has finished the shower, it is time to dry the hair of the pet.

First, make sure you have withdrawn as much water as possible with a towel. Then, you can let your dog shake naturally.

You can dry your dog with a dryer or let it dry out. But be sure to dry with the right brush for this stage. Make the drying brushing your hair backwards, in the direction of the hair flood.

Evaluate a professional drying with Groomer or hairdresser every so often, especially if your pet's hair needs a treatment to recover its strength and brightness. A good hairdresser has special techniques to clean the fur and solve all possible problems with long hair.


The visit to the hairdresser

If your best friend is a dog or long-haired cat, you know they require some additional care. You must make sure that long hair is not blocking the vision of it or that is not causing some problems to your pet.

If you let the hair of your dog or cat grow a lot, it will accumulate more dirt and it is also very uncomfortable for the dog or cat when doing the needs of it. Your pet will appreciate you cut from time to time part of the hair, especially in the areas of the legs, face and around the tail.

The best thing is to go to an animal hairdressing professional to make the haircut of your pet. However, if you want to do it on your own, we recommend you only lower the tips a little and in the areas necessary to not ruin the natural shape and growth of the mantle.


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