How to save water when bathing your pet

We are no longer going to tell you the reasons why we should save water at all times. Summary, we must save the planet.

Sometimes we don't realize how we actually use water. In reality, we use much more water than we need and don't realize when this happens.

There are small ways that go a long way when it comes to saving water. One of them at the time of bathing our pet. For this reason, we decided to make a guide with tips that will help you be more aware when it comes to bathing your furry friend and start turning on your thrifty mode.

Close the tap!

Believe it or not, many forget to turn off the tap. And the faucet is the main water outlet. For you to take into account, for every 10 seconds that a tap remains, up to 1 liter of water is wasted.

Try to turn off the faucet every time you are not wetting your dog. Try using the sound of water as a reminder mechanism.

use a bucket

Sometimes dogs are afraid of water, one of the tips to bathe a dog that doesn't like water is to replace the faucet by using buckets or cups to add the water little by little. This also helps save water.

One of the ways is to fill buckets with water, gently wet the dog by adding water from a bowl, and remove the shampoo in the same way. product and rinse sufficiently with the rest of the water.

Use organic products

Solid shampoos are a great alternative to save water. Not only that its manufacture is much more sustainable, since waste is almost zero, at least in the case of Petuxe Solid Shampoo , but also that since it is in a bar, the exact amount that your dog needs will be applied without adding more that later you will need more water to remove.

Use wet towels

In some cases, the use of a damp towel can be used to clean the dog superficially without having to go to a bathroom, especially if your dog is short-haired.

Moisten a towel and clean your dog in the necessary areas. You can also add an extra brushing to improve the cleanliness and care of the dog. Remember that this is not a substitute for regular bathing for your pet.

How often should I bathe my dog?

Recycle water

If you use a large bucket or bathtub to bathe your dog, the water you leave for the end may have a second chance. You can use it to water plants, as long as the products you use are organic and respectful of the planet. That is, none of its agents is aggressive or toxic.

You can also apply this same advice to the water that your dog discards from his drinker. When you have to replace the water, try that this water can serve as food for some plant or soil.

Every little action counts

Use this ecological and thrifty thinking in all aspects of your dog's life and yours. Here are other ideas that you can do with your pet to contribute a little to improve the conditions of our planet.

  • Use recyclable material to create toys. For example, you can use paper to create some balls.
  • If you buy food to feed your dog, try to buy in larger quantities in order to use less plastic in the purchase.
  • Use compostable and biodegradable bags to collect your furry feces.

Having an ecological thought must cover every aspect of our lives. And since pets are a very special part of human life, it is important to apply this lifestyle to our pets as well.

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