How to bathe a dog or cat with sensitive skin

Some dogs and cats suffer from certain conditions or Dermatological problems that affect the sensitivity of your skin.

This sensitivity is not only a problem for your pet but also for us, since we must know how to treat it and that products or Shampoo use at the time of bathing your pet with sensitive skin or problemsDermatologicos..

Bath or wash dog with sensitive skin or dermatitis

Why does my pet have sensitive skin?

There are numerous reasons why a Dog or a cat can present a sensitive skin: 

  • Can be due to allergies
  • Parasites
  • Sores.
  • Endocrine disadvantages

Some pets with conditions that cause sensitive skin experience worse symptoms when they are in situations of stress and anxiety, for example, when we are going to bathe.

Some allergies can be caused by environmental factors, cosmetic or detergents and food products. Pay attention to what your pet is consuming, the sites that frequent and the diet you have, this could help improve your allergic reactions and detect in time what the condition could worsen.

How to bathe a dog or cat with sensitive skin?

We know that having a pet prone to allergies or with skin conditions can be difficult to cope, since Everything may seem like a risk, even bathe them.

Wash cats with sensitive skin

Sometimes some people They prefer not to bathe their dog that presents a skin sensitive for fear of hurting the dog. However, do not bathe it can make fat, dead skin and accumulated hair, worsen the condition.

Bathing a dog or cat with sensitive skin can be a complex task if the Suitable shampoo for your skin and suitable techniques to address the skin's skin conditions.

What to do before bathing an allergic mascot with high or sensitive skin

  1. Take your dog to the veterinarian to review and know how to deal with this condition. The doctor will know what is the possible origin of allergy and solving it.
  2. Discard the existence of parasites, this is usually one of the most frequent causes. Remember to do the corresponding exams and treatments.
  3. Suspend the products you are using and replaces by shampoos for hypoallergenic pets and based on natural products. exist Special shampoos for dogs and cats with sensitive skin and dermatological problems.

Tips for bathing your dog or cat with sensitive skin

Most likely a Mascot suffering from sensitive skin or irritation of the skin, Be afraid to bathe again. This originated by previous experiences that make you remember a painful episode.

A stress situation in the dog could even make the situation worse. So, what to do?

  1. Try to have patience and love throughout the bathroom process: before, during and after. Follow the advice of How to bathe a dog that does not like water, to maintain the situation under control.
  2. Do not use cold or hot water. Try that He water is at the same temperature as the outside, that is, "at the time".
  3. Do not use a tap. Try using a bathtub. Think that he is a very delicate baby.
  4. Do not massage strongly. Apply El Shampoo in your hands, rub and make caresses about your dog.
  5. Dry with one Soft towel and do not do sudden movements. You only clothe the dog with the towel to absorb the excess water. Let the same shake and dry.

Make sure you identify the conditions and find the root of the problem with a veterinary specialist. The use of adequate products and medical evaluation will guarantee improvement in the condition of the skin.

Take a control and observe the skin periodically, This will help you detect the formation of sores or ulcers and thus treat them on time. Also, stay attentive to your dog, he may want to scratch and do worse damage about the condition.

To keep your pet clean Apply wet towels once every 15 days and make a delicate brushing once a week. This will help to remove dirt without the need for your hairy to go through the shower.

Bathing a dog or cat can be a titanic task, in a mascot with allergy can be much worse.

It is not easy to deal with and Wash a dog or cat with sensitive skin or skin irritation, since even our affections could even hurt it. It is important to maintain patience and love at all times.

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