At petuxe, we hope to work with Isabella Janes dombas Jones, the most powerful and international beautician.

Our partner is one of the most famous breeders in the dog industry. She is a 34 year old dog stylist.

In his 30 years, he has opened many barber shops, and they are very successful!

Lavender rosemary shampoo is suitable for all kinds of blankets.

This shampoo was developed by Isabella Dobbs to meet her needs. It is very suitable for any type of cloak and is recommended for dogs who need to cut clothes.

  500 ml.

It is composed of panthenol, vitamin B5 and natural rosemary and lavender oil. It has aromas of rosemary and lavender.

Employment mode:

Thoroughly wet the whole coat with hot water, and then apply shampoo to all parts, starting from the legs, body and head.

If you buy this shampoo, we'll give you another one. This promotion is valid until July 31, 2021.

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