What is stripping?

Stripping is a canine grooming technique used on wire-haired dogs , such as schnauzers, fox terriers, westies, or wire-haired dachshunds.

It consists of removing the layers of hard hair manually , with specific tools for this, thus helping to shed the hair of this type of dog.

What is Stripping

Through stripping , we remove the secondary hair , while maintaining the primary coat, which has health benefits for the skin and coat.

How is this technique performed?

This technique consists of "ripping off" the layers of hard hair with a blade and the help of your fingers. This technique is painless so the animal does not suffer, the layers of hair that are torn off are old and have hardly any roots.

It is recommended that this technique be performed by professionals in the sector so that the result is optimal. In addition, it is essential to use specific quality products for this type of work.

At Petuxe we have formulated a specific range for this technique:

  • Stripping Powder: This product is intended for use during the stripping technique. It should be sprinkled on the dog's coat and remove the secondary layers of hair with the help of tools. This powder helps texturize the hair to make it easier to pull out.
stripping powder

  • Stripping shampoo : This shampoo formulated with aloe vera and rosehip oil for hard-haired dogs to apply after stripping. This shampoo can be applied directly to the coat or diluted in 3 parts of water in the case of groomers.


This technique, being manual and expensive, must be carried out by canine grooming professionals who have experience in such work.
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