Fleas in dogs and cats

Fleas on our dog or pet are more common than we think.

Therefore, it is convenient to maintain regular hygiene in them and check their fur regularly to avoid major problems .

Can fleas pass my dog

What is a flea and what can it do to my pet?

Fleas are external parasitic insects (that is, outside the body) that feed on the blood of our pets and any mammal and, in addition, can cause more serious problems such as allergies, diseases or severe anemia.

If, for example, your pet ingests a flea by scratching or biting, the flea can develop in the intestine causing: weight loss, diarrhea, general malaise or anemia .

They can also cause allergic dermatitis from a flea bite or infection , causing irritation, discomfort and itching.

How do I know if my dog ​​has fleas?

The most common symptom that can alert you that your pet has fleas is itching . Therefore, if you find your pet scratching non-stop, it is convenient that you check its skin and it is probably fleas.

You can also find irritation, allergic reactions or tiredness on your skin.

remove fleas

We recommend that you regularly check your pet's coat and maintain a hygiene routine to ensure their well-being and health .

Likewise, it is essential that your pet has all the veterinary check-ups, deworming pills and accessories to avoid greater evils.

preventive products

At Petuxe we care about the health and well-being of your pets. We have recently formulated and developed a specific preventive range to ensure the prevention, treatment and protection of our pets against parasites.

This range prevents your pet from fleas, ticks, mites, lice and mosquitoes thanks to its formulation with tea tree oil and quassia vinegar.

Is composed of:


You can use the preventive shampoo every time you want to wash the dog's coat and thus prevent your pet thanks to its formulation with tea tree oil and quassia vinegar.

After washing the dog's coat with the preventive shampoo, it is recommended to use the spray, without rinsing .

Can you pass me the fleas

The answer to the question of can my pet give me fleas is yes .

Yes, your dog or pet can give you fleas .

Fleas can inhabit your pet's coat , but they can also inhabit carpets, bedding, armchairs and upholstery or various places in the house.

Therefore, if your pet has fleas, the possibility of passing them on to you or your family is high .

  • The moment you find irritation on your skin or itching, go to your dermatologist to treat flea disinfection.
  • If your dog has fleas and sleeps with you, you should act as soon as possible by disinfecting your dog's coat as well as bedding and room. If you have pets, your responsibility is to keep the home clean and disinfect it often.

Therefore, it is important to avoid and prevent fleas on your pet so that it does not trigger the aforementioned.

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