"Rasty" dogs: different types of water dogs


We call water dogs to those breeds that, for their characteristics, are skilled swimming and related with water. However, most people recognize a water dog for their peculiar hair.

Many water dogs look beautiful curls or natural cords that make it stand out in front of the rest. Some are popularly called riding dogs by the shape of the hair curl reminiscent of the DreadLocks. However, there is a variety of water dogs with peculiar mantles.

Without a doubt, many of us like to have these hairy at home and that these curls become part of our life. Meet some races of water dogs that fall in love for your cute Crespo hair.

American water dog

The American water dog, from Wisconsin, is a small, charming hairy companion. It reaches a medium size and is perfect for hunting, in fact it is characterized by being an expert partridge hunter and to be the perfect companion of adventures by boat, boat or canoe.

The American dog water dog is suitable for working in the water, can even swim in icy water extensions. It is not so common to see this water dog, but those who know, we appreciate the enthusiasm and energy characteristic of this partner.

Spanish water dog

The Spanish water dog is also categorized as a shepherd dog. That is why it is a great partner for families, since it is very attentive, observer and complacent. The Spanish water dog likes to have tasks and help your human partner in anything.


He has a robust body and is an expert swimmer. So he needs walks in spacious places to drain all the energy of him.

His curly strands adapt perfectly to his native wet climate, but to get a more curly aspect, his human friend must hydrate the hair with a Special texturizer To give more form and highlight the mantle of this breed.

Irish water dog

This is one of the biggest and older dog breeds. They are pretty intelligent and active dogs. They love hunting waterfowl, so they have no problem with water.

They are very versatile companions, as they are perfect for adventures but they are also very friendly and educated within the home, being very friendly with children.

The Irish water dog has a very peculiar mantle and by nature is made to repel the water. To maintain your fur it is important to hydrate it constantly. It is very useful to use a special shampoo for water dogs to take care of your mantle.

Frisian water dog or wetterhoun

The Wetterhoun breed is the Irish water dog.Son very workers and especially are characterized by being guardians. Perfect to take care of the home, but at the same time they can be so protective that they can show reaction to the minimum threat signal.

They are very loyal dogs and when being very active dogs require being educated to control their temperament. They are very astute and respond very well to the instructions of the people.

The Irish or Frisian water dog's mantle has a wool aspect with harsh and bulky curls. His hair is thin and usually falls easily for it it is due Strengthen your hydration and hairstyle to be able to live with them without problems.

Lagotto Romagnolo.

It is believed that this breed is the origin of all water dogs. Like all water dogs, it is perfect aquatic bird hunter and very friendly. However, the Romagnolo Lagotto is a large truffle detector. In fact, it is the only special recognized dog for this task.

It is a dog that reaches an average size, it is energetic and very intelligent. He likes calm spaces and should be stimulated with exercises and toys to develop their physical and mental potential.

The Lagotto Romagnolo dog has a slim curl and with a lot of volume. If you would like to hug a hairy and fluffy friend, this breed will love it.

Portuguese water dog

The Portuguese water dog is a fun lover, well known for being part of the fishing trip crew. In addition to being a water lover, he loves to keep fishing fenced to the fish trapped in the network.


This dog is a very familiar and intelligent companion. He has a calm character and willing to follow the instructions of people. He has a love for the water and the pelicate legs of him do a perfect swimmer. The water dogs, as its name says, are developed dogs for work with water, hunting and are very good helpers.

The Portuguese water dog can have curly hair or wavy hair, and is a dog that does not generate allergy to people. It is an ideal race to have at home and your best friend is done.

If you are thinking about having a water dog at home or you already have a partner of this breed, remember that by your peculiar mantle it is important to know Take care of the hair of a water dog To keep it healthy and strong.

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