How to wash my cat?

On many occasions you will have wondered if it is necessary to wash your cat or in what situations it is necessary to do so . In this article we want to introduce you to some of the basic cleaning care that you have to carry out with your cat .

Wash my cat or does it wash itself?

First of all , washing our cats depends on their state of health and the amount of dirt they have.

They wash themselves by constantly licking their body , but otherwise we must bathe ourselves. We also have to take this into account if their fur has too much dirt or if some type of harmful substance has fallen on it.

How often should I wash my cat?

Taking into account that cats maintain their own hygiene, it will depend on their type of fur, dirt, and environment in which they live.

In general terms, it is not recommended to bathe your cat more than once a month , as we can facilitate the appearance of dermatitis or allergy problems on its skin.

clean hair

Your cat will need help with grooming even though they spend much of their time licking their fur.
  1. First of all we must brush their hair regularly to remove dead hair and check the unwanted appearance of ticks or fleas, we will also avoid the formation of hairballs in their stomach.
  2. As for the bath, we must, at least once a year, taking into account the type of hair and the dirt of its fur . It is necessary to familiarize the cat with water by doing it calmly in a basin or bathtub with warm water. Use a sponge to apply water all over her body and maintain a relaxed space.
The product you use on its fur is essential to maintain the health of your feline. Use specific products for them and with non-harmful natural ingredients . We recommend the Petuxe shampoo for cats with sensitive skin since its formulation is designed to care for sensitive, delicate skin, with atopic skin or that needs better care.

clean ears

Cleaning cats' ears should be superficial , so you must avoid getting any liquid or substance into their ear.
Use a damp gauze or specific wipe for this and wipe it over the dirty areas and inside the ear, always avoiding the ear .

clean eyes

As in the previous point, it is recommended to use a gauze impregnated with a specific product for the treatment of the eyes or, failing that, saline.
wash cat eyes
It is not recommended to use cotton as it can detach its remains and end up inside the eye, causing discomfort to our cat.
Also remember that you should superficially clean the eye on the outside and the fur around it, never inside. If you see that your cat may have an infection or conjunctivitis, it is advisable to go to your vet as soon as possible .

Clean teeth

In this case, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles so as not to irritate their gums. Choose a time when your cat is relaxed to be able to clean it optimally without stressing.
Raise your upper lip and begin to gently clean your teeth with a brush dipped in water or a specific product for it. In the same case, you should go to the vet if you detect any infection or disease in your cat's mouth.
If during the washing of your cat you detect any anomaly; Whether it's in their fur, ears or eyes, go to the vet immediately.

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