What is the best shampoo for my dog ​​if his breed is…?

The choice of shampoos for our dogs should be as important as our own .

dog shampoo for...

Must take into account:

  • hair type
  • Skin
  • Characteristics of each breed to be able to cover the needs they have.

Specific cosmetics for pets must meet their needs, taking into account the pH of the skin and the ingredients indicated for them .

For this reason, at Petuxe we have specific cosmetics for each type of coat, which are adapted to each common breed of dog :

For all races

This shampoo is suitable for any type of coat since its neutral pH has been stabilized at 7.4. Its washing power is high, it also provides hydration, vitality and shine.


Boxer, Pointer, ...

It is recommended to use it on short-haired breeds such as the boxer, shorthaired pointer, pinscher or beagle , although it can be used on any coat that does not have specific needs.

color enhancer

doberman shampoo

This shampoo is specific to give life to the color of our pets.

It is recommended to use in dogs with black or dark hair . In addition, it contains a small percentage of sun protection since black hair absorbs more UVA rays.

Not recommended for use on dogs with very sensitive skin.


Doberman, French Bulldog, ...

Some of the best-known breeds with black hair or with a black coat are: Dobermans, American Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs. greyhound, labrador and many more.

White hair shampoo:

maltese shampoo

It is a shampoo formulated to enhance the white hair of pets, with great matting power.

This shampoo should only be applied to the white areas of the dog or, in the case of being whole white, superficially.

It is recommended to apply in breeds with white or spotted hair, in those who want to enhance the white.


Bichon, Mastiff, ...

Some of the most common white-haired breeds are: Maltese, Russell, Westy, Samoyed, Dogo Argentino, or White Schnauzer.

moisturizing shampoo

shampoo for yorkshire

This shampoo is ideal for the most demanding coats.

It has great washing power and is ideal for long hair, as it adds weight and falls.

It also provides extra hydration, shine and softness.

Facilitates brushing without the need to use more cosmetic products, such as conditioner.


Yorkshire, Greyhound, ...

It is recommended for long-haired dog breeds such as German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Bernese Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard or Afghan Greyhound.

volume shampoo

poodle shampoo

It has been formulated for those dogs that need extra volume, it helps lift our dog's coat to give volume during drying.

Provides hydration and texture to the coats.

It is ideal for haircutting jobs for those dogs with long hair.


Bichon, poodle, ...

It is recommended in breeds such as: Bichon, Maltese, Pomeranian, Chow Chow, Poodle and all those who want to add volume.

shampoo for sensitive skin


This shampoo has been formulated without salts, sulfates, dyes and silicones.

For this reason, it is ideal for sensitive, atopic, delicate skin or skin with dermatological peculiarities that may need special care.

Take care and protect the skin of furry ones.


Dalmatian, Doberman, ...

It is recommended to use on any pet that suffers from atopic skin or sensitive skin, the most common breeds that suffer from it are: French bulldogs, Dalmatians, Bull Terriers, Westies, Shar Peis, Dobermans or Bulldogs .

water dog texturizer

poodle shampoo

This shampoo has been specially developed for water dogs and curly-haired breeds .

Its ingredients and formulation cover the most demanding needs of dogs with this type of coat.

Getting defined, loose and textured curls.


poodle and bichon frize

They are aimed at dogs with curly hair such as water dogs, but there are also other breeds with curly hair such as poodles and bichon frize .
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