How to choose the shampoo for your dog


Before making the decision to buy shampoo for your canine partner, you must consider several aspects if you want the best for him.

Choosing a dog shampoo should be as important as any product you choose for your skin. The hair of the dog, and of any hairy friend, is part of all its nervous system and natural protection. Taking care of your dog's hair is a matter of health and well-being for your pet.

To bathe our hairy, not just we should take in Account tips for a suitable bathroom, but also to properly buy special care products according to their needs, hair, age, race, among others.

Tips for choosing your dog shampoo

Age of your dog

If your hairy friend has already spent the year, you can use a shampoo for all ages. But if you have not yet met the year you should consider using a special shampoo for puppies.

A Shampoo for puppy.S. It is designed to nourish and take care of a mantle that is under development. The skin of a puppy lower than one year requires greater care, which is why it is important to bathe the puppy with a special shampoo and avoid irritation.

Mantle type

If, for something, dogs differ, one of the others, is because of their type of hair. The mantle of the dogs differ by color, by form and size. Just as a person with curly hair requires a different shampoo that a person with smooth hair, our hairy companions too.

  • Short hair: Short hair is easier to wash and comb, you can choose a shampoo that is useful for any type of hair. However, take into account the thickness of the hair of your dog's mantle. If the hair is thin, you will need more hydration to keep it strong and healthy. A Shampoo that contributes volume Help your dog's fur to retain more hydration and protect yourself
  • Long and straight hair: Pets with a smooth and long mantle, either dog or cat, requires special care. Dogs such as Afghan Greyhound, Yorkshire, Collie, and other races, need to be washed, dried and hairstyles with more careful to keep the mantle healthy. The Moisturizing shampoos. They are the best option to bathe pets with this type of hair.
  • Curly hair: Dogs with curly hair, like the water dog, need a greater care since the hair tends to entangle with ease. Also, maintaining the natural curl of your canine friend requires greater hydration to avoid having knots on the mantle. For this type of races it is very useful to use treatments that combine shampoo and conditioners. You can even find special products for breed, such as Texturizer shampoo water dogs, which is special for this dog breed and those who share the same mantle of hard hair.

Special treatment

By buying a shampoo for dogs it is important to know if the coat or mantle of the animal is healthy. Some canine pets need special care either because of their type of skin or the status of their mantle.

Allergic or sensitive dogs: If your dog has a sensitive skin it is important to choose a hypoallergenic shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs with this sensitivity. Set that E.L. Shampoo be with Formula Zero

Dogs with strong smell: Some dogs, either because of some reaction, health conditions or abundant mantle, may suffer from bad smell. One is recommended Shampoo with high bearing washing Or go with a professional of the area for a deep and correct bathroom.

Dogs with battered coat: Consider using other products as conditioners and Masks for your dog's hair

Dog shampoo alternatives (no) You must use


Although you do not believe it many people consider using the regular shampoo for dogs. This is not recommended, since the pH of the skin of animals, in this case of dogs, is different from that of humans.

A dog shampoo must have a controlled pH for your skin. Dogs have more alkaline skin and therefore they should use a special shampoo that is designed for their skin, it is not just hair. The shampoo for people should have a pH stabilized at 7.4. You can verify it on the product label.

There are other alternatives to the common shampoo for dogs such as solid shampoo, dry shampoo or products that do not need clarification.

The Solid shampoo. for dogs It is an ecological and sustainable product option, and that by its bar form allows us to take full advantage of the product, in addition to contributing to the planet.

There are other products, such as conditioners and masks that can be used after the bath or on the brushing and routine hairstyle of the dog.

Although there are dry shampoos or products that do not require a bath, it is important to always bathe our dog regularly. The products of this type serve to superficially clean up or fulfill a function directly on the hair strand, and to apply only as maintaining the mantle of the dog.

Water is always the main product of any cleaning, so be sure to be bathing your dog with the necessary frequency.

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