Canine and Pet Cosmetics - Natural & Sustainable

Our mission at Petuxe® is to manufacture natural, vegan and sustainable cosmetics for pets; caring for and pampering the world in which we live from the products we make.

dog and pet cosmetics


We have an obligation to protect Clean Water and be responsible with the water we use to develop cosmetics. We also require our suppliers to have the highest environmental certification and not to discharge dirty water.

responsible packaging

We are very proud to use containers that can be recycled and contribute through Ecoembes (Green Point) to the collection and treatment of containers that the consumer facilitates through their daily recycling.

Respect for the environment

We care about a sustainable development of our cosmetics for pets ; based on a maximum respect for nature and an unsurpassed affection for animals and our pets.

In this way, Petuxe is developed and manufactured in facilities that have certificates according to ISO (International Standardization Regulations) :

  • GMP: ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management and Commitment
  • Management and Commitment to the Environment ISO 14001

Natural Ingredients

We believe that the earth is the best source of ingredients that exists, therefore, we develop cosmetics based on natural ingredients , being in many cases organically grown.

Because we love animals so much:

We only develop canine and pet cosmetics with ingredients of Mineral and Plant origin .

Petuxe Cosmetics

It is a brand of high professional cosmetics for pets . As main characteristics, we can highlight that:

  • 100% Vegan Brand
  • Eco friendly
  • Respectful with the environment.

Our objective is to cover the most demanding needs for the care and treatment of pets, being ecological, respectful of animals and the environment. For this reason, we make our cosmetics with the best raw materials on the market , always seeking a balance between the natural, ecological and professional.

Within the main cosmetic line we can find different types of shampoos, masks and conditioners , with characteristics that adapt to each type of coat or need.



All our products have a hydration base that comes mainly from Organic Olive Oil or Organic Aloe Vera , a particularity that significantly differentiates us in the market.

The PH is another of the general characteristics, always taking the reference of 7.5 as Neutral PH, which may vary slightly between products, with a minimum of 7.2 to a maximum of 7.6.

To take care of the PH levels and the quality of our natural cosmetics for pets , we would go to another of our characteristics, we only use Purified Water as the base of our products.

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