How to keep your dog hydrated


Hydration is so important to any creature, plant, animal and human. They need water to survive. Pay attention to replenishing water for pets is a task we should check every day.

Keeping a dog hydrated is important to his health. How to moisturize depends on many factors, including your race, environmental conditions and the physical and health status of our pets.

How do I know how much water my dog should drink?

One rule for estimating how much water your dog should drink is based on its weight. Drink half a liter of water per kilogram. This includes all food, including water.

However, this number may vary depending on the dog's activity level and the environmental conditions in which he lives or the seasons of the year.

One of Tips for taking care of our dog in summer This is constant hydration. Dogs living in or facing a warm climate need three to four times the normal amount of water.

If our dog is a very active dog or spends a day walking, its water consumption should increase.


How do I know my dog is dehydrated?

If we don't maintain an adequate water supply, our dog may become dehydrated, especially when the temperature rises or gets sick. We must closely monitor our furry friend's water intake to see if he has any indication that he lacks water.

1。 Gums are dry, sticky and pale

Check your dog's gums. If they are sticky, dry and pale, your dog is likely to be dehydrated. A hydrated dog's mouth should have a moist pink gum, and the dog's saliva should be thin and translucent. If the dog's saliva is thick and fibrous, it will eventually lack water.

2。 feel sleepy

If your dog shows less energy in your gait and there are no other symptoms of disease, you may need some water. Dogs' muscles, like humans, need water to nourish and maintain joint lubrication.

3。 Loss of appetite

If the dog doesn't eat, something will happen. Loss of appetite may not be just a sign of water shortage. However, in order to eliminate any gravity, you must check whether you have fresh water.

Give your dog water before eating. If you continue to lose your appetite, please consult your veterinarian.

4。 Wheezing and increased heart rate

The increase of wheezing is undoubtedly a sign of water shortage. Dogs regulate their temperature by panting. If your dog has been out of breath, it may be very hot and need additional water.

If your dog starts to have a continuous wheeze and keep drinking, monitor your heart rate. If you notice an increase in frequency, you may suffer heatstroke or face other conditions that require veterinary examination.

How to prevent my dog from dehydration?

Keeping your dog hydrated is a simple task if you keep it under control. You just need to follow these simple rules to make sure your furry guy always drinks water correctly.

1。 Keep the water fresh and clean

A clean water container helps prevent the production of bacteria or molds, which are then eaten by our dogs.

It is important that your dog's water container be kept clean and replaced at regular intervals. Check that your dog's water dispenser always has enough water. Do not add new water to the remaining water in the container. It replaces all water.

2。 Take your water

Walking dogs is one of the healthiest habits we develop with dogs. Walking time means a lot of fun, games and activities, so you must make sure you have enough water so that your dog won't be thirsty after exercise.

3。 Dog food

When serving food, putting wet food or water on the plate may be a skill to make our furry diet contain more water. Wetting the feed a little may be a way for dogs to keep water. In addition, it is a good way to provide food in summer.

You can also include soup or broth, especially dog food, because they are liquid food and usually contain more water, which helps the hydration of pets.

How do you know my dog has drunk enough water?

Because we can't ask our dog whether he drinks water on time and get the answer, we must check some behaviors of the dog to confirm that the dog is drinking the water he should drink. Here are some ways to determine whether your dog has drunk enough water.

1。 Estimated water volume according to container water level

Check the water capacity of the bowl or water dispenser and how many times a day it must be replaced or used up. If the water level in the container doesn't drop as fast as it should, it's because your dog doesn't drink water correctly.

Pay as much attention to the number of times the dog accesses the container as possible. Maybe your dog will try to drink water, but he doesn't like his water dispenser, where he is, or the water is just not fresh.

2。 Become a pimp

Yes, it's good to pay attention to the number of times dogs urinate, especially when they are still puppies.

It's a good sign if your furry dog pees several times a day. If the dog urinates naturally, no smell and normal color indicate that the dog is hydrated.

What water can my dog drink?

Just as you care about how much water your dog drinks, the quality of the water your dog usually drinks is also important.

Prevent your dog from drinking from a water source or well without water circulation. Be careful not to drink water from frequently polluted puddles on streets or sidewalks.

If you take a walk or adventure with your dog and visit a reserved lake, pond or lagoon, don't let your dog get water from these reservoirs because they may contain parasites harmful to your dog.

Ideally, give your dog the same water you consume. Make sure you always have clean and fresh water for your pet.

If you keep all these suggestions in mind, it can help your dog maintain water better. A hydrated dog is not only healthy, but also looks better and more energetic. She is happier!


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