How to avoid dog hair fall

The moult of hair of our pets is a natural process, both for dogs and cats. Although this can sometimes be uncomfortable for us humans, that your dog or cat release hairs through your home is something natural and essential for your pet's health.

Dogs and cats give off little by little hairs that they move and are releasing as they walk around house or anywhere. Pets must get rid of these hairs that are no longer necessary and that are trapped between the fur.

The amount of hair released by a dog or cat depends on the race, if it has a simple or double hair layer, of the time of year and can also be conditioned to the health of the pet.


Can I prevent my dog ​​or cat release hairs?

Unfortunately not. As we mentioned earlier, the change of hair is something natural in dogs and cats, therefore you can not prevent your pet from letting go hairs at home. However, you can reduce the amount of hairs that arise from the mantle of your dog or cat.

The amount of hairs that receive our hairy companions may depend on the race of our friend. There are some breeds that produce less hair fall and that the seasons of hair mute are usually not as exhausting as in other cases. These races have a little more similar hair to human hair, produce less dandruff than other races and therefore hair detachment is quite low.

These dog breeds can be ideal for people who are allergic to the dandruff or fur of pets, like for people who want to have a hairy friend but who do not want to sacrifice the neatness of the home by the hairs of the new companion. These breeds of dogs are: Bichón Frize, Maltese, Schnauzer, Poodle, Portuguese water dog and, although you do not believe it, the Afghan Greyhound.

What can I do to control the fall of my pet's hair?

While it is true that we can not prevent our dog or cat release them everywhere, we can control the situation and prevent these hairs from appearing everywhere and, we know, in all your clothes.

Brushing your dog or cat often prevents dead hairs from spreading throughout the house, since by dedicating a few minutes to brush your pet you can eliminate and remove all the hairs that are detached but still are inside the mantle. Brush your dog or cat at least once or twice, accelerates the falling process of dead hairs.

The most efficient way to do this work, and thus reduce the amount of hairs that are housed all over the home, is using the right brush for your pet's hair. Each dog has a unique fur, and just as each hair has an ideal shampoo, the same happens with the brush. If you choose the appropriate brush, you can do better job to remove the hairs you do not want them to end up on the floor, sofa or all the rest of your house.

Choose the ideal brush Check the hair fall of your pet

  • If your dog or cat has a long and thin cloak, we recommend you use a long bristle brush. Instead, for shorter hair pets, it will be best to use a rigid brush.
  • The width teeth combs are the perfect choice for the most wrapped races. This type of comb helps eliminate the hairs that are no longer rooted and that are entangled between the curls of the hairy friend.

In mute season, many people usually help themselves using a scarceing brush. This brush is a great tool to facilitate the elimination of dead hair in our pets before they become part of the decoration of your home. This type of brush has stainless steel teeth, which are perfect for lifting and removing the extra coat of your pet's internal layer.

Other tips to prevent your dog or cat release a lot of hair at home

  • Nutrition is essential to strengthen the hair of our hairy friends. The hair fall can also be associated with malnutrition of fur. A good diet helps minimize the detachment of the hairs. Includes food in your diet with Vitamins E and C. You can also use Shampoo to strengthen the mantle of your pet, since the formulas of these products are designed to strengthen the fur.
  • Hydration is essential for the general health of our hairy colleagues and has a great effect on the skin and hair of our pets. Keep your hydrated pet will help reduce fall. A way to accelerate the hair hydration of pets is to apply Moisturizing products For the mantle.
  • During the moult season, you can increase the amount of bathrooms. This will help eliminate the most dead hairs that hide in the fur.

When should I worry about the fall of my pet's hair?

For some breeds of dogs or cats the exaggerated hair fall can be normal. However, you must pay attention if the hair fall is due to a special characteristic of your race or if this can be a major problem.

Hair loss can also be associated with the following causes: parasites, infections, allergies, liver conditions, pregnancy, stress or side effects of some medication. That goes beyond the normal moult of your dog can indicate health problems such as:

If for some reason you notice that your dog or cat are releasing more hair than normal, it will be best to go to the veterinarian or resort to a professional who evaluates your partner.

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