How to bathe a dog

A puppy always makes us softer, so we are more and more concerned about its ultimate care, especially when taking a bath.

Before you decide to bathe your pet baby, whether it's a dog or a cat, it's important that you know something. A pet baby needs special care. The care it deserves should be equivalent to the tenderness and tenderness it brings to us. The next thing you need to know is to bathe the dog.

How old should a dog take a bath?

Both dogs and kittens should take their first bath 8 weeks after birth. Some experts suggest waiting until the dog is 3 months old to take a bath.

Before that, you can put a wet towel on your furry little guy. It makes you feel water, or your hair is friendly and moist, avoid getting too cold, and use towels in an amazing way. This can lead to a bad first water experience.

How to prepare your puppy for the first bath

Before you introduce the shower to your furry friends, you need to think about making your first bath satisfactory to both of you. The first bath can determine the future of the next bath. So read the following tips for your puppy's first bath.

Determine the type of hair or cloak your puppy has

At this age, your baby's hair is developing. It is important to respect the natural growth of your hair. If your dog has curly hair, or your hair is straight, you need a different hairstyle or washing method.

Similarly, depending on the hair of your dog or cat, you should choose the necessary products to bathe your pet.

Doting and hospitality

The first bathroom in your pet can be a party. It's important to tell your child how exciting and important bath time is.

The first bath may be the beginning of a new routine that will build for your furry partner's life.

Showing true happiness and friendliness to children will increase trust and avoid fear.

You can take the pre shower stage in your hair. Maybe leave some time to take a bath.

First contact with water

Before you feel the water directly, pass a wet towel and warm water to your skin. You will feel a little wet on your skin. This will make the temperature contrast not steep and prevent you from panicking.

Adjust the water temperature to make your pet happy. Remember, dogs and cats have higher body temperatures than humans.

Add water to your legs first. It is recommended not to use a faucet with a strong jet, which may sound loud for hairy babies. It is best to add water slowly in a bowl or bowl.

Selection and application of shampoo

If your puppy is three months old, you can start bathing with shampoo and other products. It is important to use a pH balanced shampoo to respect the puppies' skin sensitivity at this age. Shampoo for dogs Their formula has no chemicals and won't irritate our furry.

Shampoo Conditioner

If your child has a special cloak, you'd better choose one Shampoo This contributes to the ideal development of dog cloak.

Use Shampoo gently. Don't be too aggressive. The wet feeling may make the dog uncomfortable. It's best not to put pressure on him. Give them some gentle massage and accompany them with your voice to make them full of confidence.

Gently rub the hair in the direction of hair growth, even in the brushing and drying stages.

Avoid using shampoo in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Avoid touching these areas even if the shampoo is "no tears". In particular, be careful of the dog's ear canal, because if you are trapped in water, it may lead to infection.

When removing the shampoo, cover the bottom of the ear with your thumb to prevent water from contacting the internal system of the ear.

Wash your dog thoroughly

It is said that pets are completely clean before removing shampoo and other products, unless these products can be like hair conditioner and Mask

Product residues must be removed with sufficient water until the water is clear.

Dry your dog

Once the child is clean, take out the excess water with a towel and let him walk for a while so that he can be discharged from the hospital. The safest thing is that you will find a warm place to raise your temperature. The nature of a dog is that when it shakes, it will remove the remaining water.

When your dog has spent a few minutes quietly trying to dry himself, gently approach him and gently comb his hair. If you use a hair dryer, turn it on before approaching it, so that it is used to the noise.

Remember to brush your teeth in the same way as your dog's hair grows. Remember, if you want your child to be taken care of by an expert, you can also see an expert.

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