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About Petuxe

Our mission in PETUXE®, is to take care of and pamper the World in which we live. From the products we make, to the people and pets with whom we live and who make us every day to be happier. A trick so that everything goes well: “DO THINGS WITH LOVE”.

Team of people

A team of young entrepreneurs, pet lovers and committed to the environment form the Petuxe® TEAM. We decided to carry out this project to develop vegan cosmetics for our faithful friends and companions (pets).

Respectful towards the environment

At PETUXE® we care about a sustainable development, based on a maximum respect to nature and an insurmountable affection towards animals, our pets, our friends.

We are responsible for the water we use to develop all vegan cosmetics. We demand that our manufacturers have the maximum environmental certification and that they do not pour dirty water on the ground. We believe that the earth is the best source of ingredients that exists. Therefore, we develop cosmetics based on natural ingredients, being in many cases organic farming.

Because we love animals so much, we can only develop cosmetics that contain natural ingredients of mineral and vegetable origin.

In addition, we are very proud to use containers that allow their recycling and contribute through Ecoembes (Green Point) to the collection and treatment of the containers that the consumer facilitates through their daily recycling.

Responsible manufacturing

We demand our manufacturers to have the maximum possible quality accreditation, united environmental and social policies. In this way, PETUXE® is developed and manufactured in facilities that have certificates according to ISO (International Standards of Standardization):

  • GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 22716
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management and Commitment
  • Management and Commitment to the Environment ISO 14001

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